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In this Era, the problems pertaining to water treatment are increasing at a rapid rate. So to solve the day-to-day water problems, we have our best quality filter media to deal with it. Let’s gain some insights about filter media.

What is filter media-

To make you understand in simple terminology, I just want to give you a small example-

Have you ever seen your mother/closed one serving you tea using a strainer where the remaining tea leaves get deposited at the strainer and the liquid(tea) comes out by filtration.

Similarly, filter media is a surface upon which solids are retained and liquids are passed on in the process of filtration.

Classification of filter Media-

  • Fibrous filter media- e.g. filter paper, filter cloth
  • Granular/powder filter media - e.g. Activated carbon, Charcoal
  • Porous Filter Media – e.g. porcelain and sintered glass
  • Membrane filter media- e.g. made up of cellulose
  • Here I would like to explain some of the important components of filter media:-

    1)Activated Carbon Filter Media –

    Activated carbon is one of the most effective methods used in the filtration process which gives the water a different identity by removing the contaminants, odor, and bad taste from it.

    What makes the carbon filter Activated –

    When the carbon filter is specially treated with oxygen to open up the pores of the carbon atom. During this process, it increases the surface area of the carbon by allowing it to capture certain particles from the air. Those particles include odor and gas molecules.

    When this odor and gas pass through the activated carbon filter, the molecule reacts to the charcoal and stick to the surface. Essentially this removes bad taste and odor.

    2)Multi Grade Filter Media –

    Multigrade filter media works on principle for pretreatment in the purified water systems. It is also used for post-treatment in ETP and STP. It has the ability to remove solid suspended particles from water.

    There are different beds and layers present inside the multi-grade filter consisting of pebbles, Gravels, Coarse silex media, Fine silex media, and Sand.

    Working of Multi-Grade filter-

    When the raw water passes through each layer of the multi-grade filter i.e.(Sand, pebbles, gravels, Coarse, Sand), It retains the dirt and suspended particles from the water and accumulates within the filter bed.

    Types of filter media we offer:

    Activated carbon filter media 1000i/v

    This activated carbon in granular form has a high iodine value of 1000 which is a natural absorbent of impurities.

    Activated carbon filter media 450i/v

    This activated carbon in granular form has the ability to eradicate Organic matters, constituents, and residual disinfectants like chlorine from water.

    Pebbles multigrade filter media

    The role of this filter media infiltration process is immense. It can be used in both conventional and biological filters.

    Multigrade Filter Media fine

    Fine Filter Media has the ability to filter out fine particles providing crystal clear water. it also does not contain any empty space in the filter, thus the raw water pass through its particles easily.

    Multigrade Filter Media Gravel

    Gravel Filter Media is made from crushed rock fragments. Gravel Filtration Media is commonly used in Water and Wastewater filtration applications to remove Dust and Suspended Solids.

    Multigrade Filter Media coarse

    coarse sand is used as the second topmost filter layer. The upper layer of coarse removes big particles before they arrive at the fine layer allowing the filter to operate for a longer period before clogging.

    Important feature of Filter Media-

    Applications of Filter media –

    Therefore Pearl water technologies being one of the leading manufacturers of the water treatment industry is committed and devoted to provide the best quality filter media products to solve your water problems at an affordable price and with free shipping.

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