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Water Softener

An Water softener is a revolutionary water system which converts hard water into soft water. It is primarily used to remove the minerals and ions from the raw water. Pearl Water Technologies offers a wide range of premium quality and ISO-certified water softener plant.

Our Water softener system is the ultimate solution for hard water and the problems caused by hard water. We offer fully-automatic and semi-automatic varieties of best water softener systems. The water holding capacity of the systems ranges between 1000 to 3000 LPH. Hence, it is suitable for small to large sized factories and companies. The water softener price at Pearl Water is quite affordable with various payment options available at the check-out.

Our water softeners is a pressurized water treatment system in which hard water is passed through a resin bed for the purpose of exchanging calcium and magnesium ions for sodium or potassium ions. This produces a softened water which is most suitable for laundering,dish-washing, cleaning, etc. Soft water flows smoothly from the pipes, preventing any clogs. It enhances the performance and durability of the water appliances, whilst reducing the scale-related plumbing problems.

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