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Sand Filter
Sand Filter
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Water Softener Sand Filter

Sand filter is used to remove suspended, floating, and sinkable matter from water so that it becomes safe for use. It has the capacity to remove ammonia, bacteria, and protozoa. The system is so designed that it is easy to operate and also requires very little maintenance.

As raw water flows through the sand filter, any dirt, dust, or solid is removed through absorption or physical encapsulation. The tank of the filter has sand media through which water passes and all the debris and particles in it are caught so that they are no longer present in the water source. The resulting pure water is sent through the outlet.

In other words, during this process liquid containing suspended matter is forced through a suitable porous material to effectively remove the suspended impurities present in it. The filtration media uses pebbles, silica sand, quartz sand, and anthracite as filtering media.

Features of Pearl Water Sand Filter:-

Multiple filtration types

Easy installation process

Low maintenance requirement

Product Details:-

Filter Media Material - Quartz sand, Silica sand, Anthracite

Vessel Material - FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

Valve Used - Automatic, Semi-Automatic Multiport Valve

Flow Rate - 100-10000 LPH

Applications for sand filtration:- 

• Preparation of cooling water

• Production of drinking water

• Filtration in swimming pools

• Pre-filtration for membrane systems

• Filtration of gray or surface water

• Drinking Water.

• It is ideal for the filtration of clarified water.

• Water used in chemical processes.

• Filtration process in Industries.

• Swimming Pool Water Filtration.

• Filtration in Tertiary wastewater treatment.

• Pharmaceutical Production processes.

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