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FRP Vessels

The importance of quality FRP vessels for any treatment industry is immense. But the main concern pertaining to FRP vessels is their durability factor. So to bridge those factors, We have our most reliable and advanced Pearl Water FRP Vessel as well as Pentair FRP vessel that can boost the lifespan of any treatment industry.

What is an FRP Vessel?

Assume a house without a roof, a car without a horn, and a fan without blades. Similarly, any treatment plant without FRP Vessel is even harsh.

Fiber reinforced Plastic Vessels (FRP) are one of the essential components for any treatment plant. They are made up of high-performance composite material with filament winding, making the filtration process hassle-free.
Types of FRP Tank offered by us – Pearl Water offers 2 types of FRP Vessel one is Pentair Frp Vessels and another is Pearl Water Frp Vessels

1) Pearl Water FRP Vessel 10*54

This 9.5 kg FRP Vessel has the ability to handle up to 60 liters of water and is also known for its outstanding performance and durability in a harsh chemical environment.

2) Pearl Water Vessel 12*48

This model FRP Vessel can handle up to 80 liters of water and has some additional features to tolerate temperatures up to 12o degrees Celsius.

The outer shells of this vessel are made up of continuous strands of fiberglass with high-strength epoxy resins, which makes the filtration process soothing.

3) Pearl Water FRP Vessel 13*54

This model FRP Vessel has the potential to handle up to 104 liters of water. One of the best features of this vessel is that its inner liner single-piece seamless HDPE is made from blow molding, which enhances the strength and quality of this vessel.

4) Pearl Water FRP Vessel 16*65

This model FRP Vessel is well known in the market for its outstanding performance and durability. Apart from that, it also can handle 185 liters of water.

5) Pearl Water  FRP Vessel 18*65

This 30 kg FRP Vessel has the ability to handle up to 250 liters of water. It is also considered one of the ideal products which are used as a treatment tank in various water treatment applications.

Advantage of having Pearl Water FRP Vessel –

•    UV Light and Corrosion resistant

•    One-piece seamless molded vessel with no welds or joints, which will reduce the percentage of leaking (leak-proof)

•    Zero transparency which will reduce the growth of algae and fungus inside the external water filter

•    Flexible and durable

•    Cost-effective


FRP Vessel is highly used in the below-mentioned Industries –

•    Fertilizer Industry

•    Water treatment Plant

•    Food and beverages Industry

•    Petroleum Industry

•    Pharmaceutical Industry

So the Premium Quality  FRP Vessel offered by pearl water technologies has the ability and potential to enhance the durability of any treatment plant.

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