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Domestic Carbon filter

RO water purifier comes with multiple set of filters with each playing a crucial role in water purification process. RO Carbon filter is one of them which not only remove impurities but also act as a taste enhancer.

Carbon filter plays an important role in the process of water purification as it remove all the unwanted chemicals and compounds like chlorine and pesticides that may be present in the water.

Domestic Carbon filter refers to a method of water filtration that uses activated carbon granules or powder to filter out the impurities. Carbon filter use a process where the pollutants and impurities stick to the carbon particles as the water through it.

RO Carbon filters are highly efficient, durable, and works for a long time before they require replacing. The pre carbon filters come in various sizes and shapes.

Carbon filters remove impurities through adsorptionIt soaks up the particles like a sponge to water. Organic compounds bond or stick to the surface of a domestic carbon filter.

Pearl Water Carbon filter is extremely porous and have a large surface area, making it effective at reducing bad tastes, odors, and other contaiminants in water. Pearl Water carbon filter acts as a parking lot with pores for parking spaces for impurities as water flows through. These tiny pores are measured in microns. The smaller the micron size, the finer the filtration. Lower water flow rate and low pressure give contaminants more time to park or adhere with the carbon. The more water contact time with the surface of a carbon filter, the more efficient the filtration.

Features of Domestic RO Carbon Filter:-

Applications of Domestic RO Carbon Filter:-

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