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Pearl Water Technologies Pvt Ltd. is an established and prime company in terms of water treatment. We have never compromised on the quality and services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing the products at a very competitive price.

We manufacture several types of RO Filter Kit, ISO Certified by following all the International Standards. The testing considers all the critical parameters to ensure its excellent performance over its guaranteed life. Manufacturing all the Ro Service kit is done with a Melt-Brown process which ensures no leakage and breakage.

An Water purifier filter kit also removes all kinds of chemicals such as chlorine, iron, magnesium, etc., killing most harmful pathogens as the naked eye cannot see them. Therefore, making water safety of all kinds. There are various other things that an RO System does, like removing odour from the water and making the colour of the water crystal clear that is why it is called Complete Filtration.

RO water System consists of several RO filters, which are required to complete the filtration process. An RO system consists of 3-4 primary filters: Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, Cartridge Filter, and RO Membrane.

An RO Water Filter kit is a combo kit made with a combination of several specific filters required to fulfil an RO's need.

Benefits of Pearl Water RO Water Purifier Filter Kit.

  1. Compatible withal domestic RO Filter
  2. Remove 99% of pollutants, impurities, and sediments from water
  3. Easy to install and replace.
  4. Removes colour and taste, and smell from the water.
  5. Provides crystal clear water.
  6. Removes all kinds of chemicals from water.
  7. Energy Efficient, so they consume less electricity
  8. More than 75% water recovery rate.
  9. Less maintenance
  10. Long-lasting


Applications of Pearl Water RO Service Filter Kit

Please browse our RO Water Filter kit range and choose the best per your requirement. You can contact us with queries or require customization or installation service.

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