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What is RO Antiscalant, its uses and Benefits?

An Scaling is the primary problem that every RO Plant user faces. Pearl Water Technologies manufactures and distributes effective antiscalant for protecting and preventing the RO membrane from scaling and fouling.

What is an RO Antiscalant?

RO Antiscalant can stabilizea wide range of supersaturated salt solutions and prevent membrane surface precipitation. It reduces the risk of scaling and minimizes the use of dangerous acids. The antiscalent chemical either tries to keep dissolved solids in solution or lower the pH such that scale dissolves, or both. As a result, there is a strong conversion rate for the best possible outcome.

Why is an RO Antiscalant used?

Water will pass through the RO membranes due to high pressure, leaving behind the minerals that will not pass due to their ion size. Scale formation will occur over time if they are allowed to accumulate beyond their saturation limit. A good antiscalant is needed to ensure that scaling does not affect the membranes and fouling does not occur to generate high-quality water.

How does an RO Antiscalant Chemical work?

Before the feedwater reaches the RO membranes, an antiscalant is injected into the feedwater. It slows down the reaction between calcium magnesium and bicarbonate. As a result, scale does not form when the RO purifies the water. Scale formation is prevented since the water in the membrane system is only present for a limited time during the treatment.

What are the benefits of an RO Antiscalant?


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