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Water Softener Spares

Scientifically the lifespan of a water softener plant can last up to 15 to 20 years. But care, maintenance, and replacements of some parts of the water softener plant at occasional intervals can increase the longevity of the plant. Let’s discuss more in detail:-

How to Enhance the Life span of the Water Softener plant?

Once the water softener plant is properly installed. There are a few things we need to check and replace at occasional intervals in order to boost the lifespan of the softener. They are-


It is a spare part used in a water softener plant that helps in converting hard water into soft water in a process called Ion exchange.

Why it needs to be Changed-

The Resin bed normally lasts for 10-12 years, but the abundance of iron and chlorine in water can kill a resin bed. Therefore it is advisable to check and replace it whenever needed.

2) Water Softener Injector

A water softener brine injector is typically located on top of the softener control head that regulates the flow of saltwater and removes minerals from the water.

Why it needs to be Changed-

The life span of the injector depends on the quality of water it is treating, but sometimes it gets plugged with sediments caused by dirt salt. Therefore it is advisable to clean or replace the injector for smooth functioning.


One of the most important components of the softener plant is the Brine valve. It is the Valve that brings water into and takes water out of the brine tank.

Why it needs to be Changed-

As the Valve is made of brass and salt, being corrosive to brass can cause severe damage to the Valve. Therefore, It is advisable to change the brine valve as and when required in order to enhance the lifespan of the softener.

What is a water softener resin?

A water softener resin bed is the main ingredient in the water softener that converts hard water into soft water. It attracts magnesium and calcium, which makes the water hard, and replaces them with soft ions such as sodium. A water softener resin looks like a bed made of beads, and each bead size ranges from 0.3 to 1.2 mm. The resin is made up of polystyrene, which is a type of plastic, and Divinylbenzene (DVB). DVB is a yellow color liquid, has a strong smell and holds the resin bed together.

Advantages of water softener Spare parts offered by us –

•    Ensure the longevity of the plant

•    Reliable and Cost-effective

•    High Efficiency

Pearl water is not only concerned with how to set up the best softener plant across industries but also worried about how to make this plant run for a long period of time. So our products in the cart can definitely deal with your daily problems pertaining to water treatment.

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