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Domestic Sediment Filter

Pearl Water sediment ro filter captures and removes particulate matter like dirt and dust from your water. Sediment Filter is a generic term for all the matter in your water that is not solvent. Rust can enter your water supply from the corroded plumbing pipes. Rainwater can carry silt, clay, and grains of sand into your groundwater supply. The sediment ro filter is the first line of defence against this debris. It stops all this solid particulate from entering your water supply.

Sediment ro filters are used in multiple applications. For example, restaurants and coffee shops use sediment pre-filters to ensure the quality of their food and beverages.

Water with a high sediment level can change the taste of the finished beverage. In addition, sediment can cause blockages in the filters, reduce flow and even impact the working of alves inside your equipment.

The sediment filter Cartridge acts as a sieve to remove these particles. The critical thing to remember about sediment filters is that they only reduce sediment but don't remove chemicals or heavy metals. And doesn't make the water taste or smell better.

In general, sediment filters are classified by a "micron" rating. This refers to the smallest particle size that the filter will trap.

For instance, an average 5-micron sediment filter can trap 95 % of particles of five microns and more extensive.

Features of Pearl Water Sediment Filter Cartridge


Applications of Pearl Water Sediment Filter Cartridge

Pearl Water Sediment Filters are available online on all E-Commerce platforms, and you can order from the Pearl Water E-Commerce website also from anywhere in India.

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