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Industrial RO Spares



Industrial RO Spares
RO Membrane Housing 4040
₹ 2,799
Industrial RO Spares
RO Membrane Housing 8040
₹ 12,999
Industrial RO Spares
TDS Meter
₹ 480
Industrial RO Spares
Bag Filter
₹ 649
Industrial RO Spares
Low Pressure Switch (KP35)
₹ 1,299

Industrial RO Spares

Pearl Water Technologies is a globally known brand to bring a revolution in water treatment industry. We are now recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of RO spare parts in India. We have an established manufacturing unit that allow us to design and produce premium quality RO parts that ensure water purity. Our reverse osmosis spare parts are made with high-quality raw materials and advanced techniques in strict compliance with industry norms and standards.

Industrial RO Water Plants require timely replacement of RO filters, membranes and other RO spare parts for ensuring 100% pure and safe water. Without replacement, problems such as leakage, noisy operation, foul smell and bitter taste of water can occur.

Please consider the following factors while deciding to change the spare parts of the RO Water Plant

If there is a very high level of impurities in the water, high TDS level, or large quantities of water has to be purified, then the filters and RO membrane needs to be replaced in 6 months.
The Sediment Filter is designed to remove dirt from the water to prevent carbon filter and RO membrane from clogging.
Carbon filter must be replaced at regular intervals to increase the life of RO membrane and prevent bad odour and bad taste in the purified water.
Hence, both filters are recommended to be changed at least once a year.

Advantages of Pearl Water Technologies RO spares:


We are one of the best RO Spare Parts manufacturers in India, and we stand by our dedication to quality and expert services. We have a great customer base, and we are focused on growing it while keeping everyone happy. You can look at our selection above and buy RO parts online based on your requirement. We are delighted to assist you.

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