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Cartridge Filter Housing

What is Cartridge Filter Housing?

Cartridge filters housing are an important component in the filtering process, designed in cylindrical shape it houses a replaceable filter element – cartridge. industrial grade housings. It delivers high performance and exhibits good atmospheric resistance.

Cartridge filter offered by us-

Pearl Cartridge Filter Housing - 20 Inches Slim


This filter is made of up high quality of propylene with thick walls in order to provide much strength. It has the ability to handle lot of pressure and has advance leak proof traits. Pearl Cartridge Filter Housing - 20 Inches Jumbo

This filter is made of up finest quality of propylene and due to its unique design and high pressure retention nature these filters show remarkable consistency in water treatment applications.

Advantages of Cartridge Filter housing –



Applications of Cartridge Filter Housing–


Browse through our range of Cartridge Filter housing and choose the one most suited for your requirement. You can also connect with us if you have queries, require customization or installation service.

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