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Domestic Water Cartridge Filter

Pearl Cartridge Filters are polypropylene spun filter cartridges used for pre-filtration applications where high particle removal is essential. The propylene construction provides excellent thermal & chemical compatibility with high & low pH liquids. In addition, the graded density design efficiently captures the contaminants resulting in excellent dirt holding capacity, increased lifetime & lowering the pressure drop.

 In any water application, polypropylene media does not change the solution's taste, odour, or colors. In addition, for domestic applications, polypropylene offers excellent chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack.

Compared to the standard domestic spun filter series,Water Cartridge Filter for Ro increased the depth of spun filter cartridges to deliver high particulate removal efficiencies and make them suitable to use at higher velocities. In addition, customised domestic filter cartridges need low-frequency filter change-out, saving costs by reducing the number of filters used.

Cartridge filter 10 inches can be used either as a pre-filter or post-filter for industrial, chemical processes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water, and other applications. Pearl Water Domestic Cartridge Filters are available in various lengths and micron sizes. Two sizes, standard and jumbo, are available for 20" size for industrial requirements, while 10 inches spun filter is used for Domestic applications.


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Order Cartridge Filter 10 inches from Pearl Water for all types of Domestic RO Plants.

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