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Water Softener Carbon Filter

Pearl Water is one of the premium brands in the manufacturing and distribution of a carbon filters in India. Our Domestic Carbon Filters are made from high-quality materials and advanced techniques. This ensures our products are best in their performance over their guaranteed life.

Water Softener Carbon Filter plays an important role in water purification as it removes all the unwanted compounds and chemicals like chlorine and other pesticides.

Best Water Softener Carbon Filters are generally used in the process of removing organic compounds or removing chlorine from water.

carbon filters are small pieces of carbon, typically in powdered block form or in granular. It has been treated to be extremely porous. It has a vast surface area which enables it to adsorb exponentially more contaminants and allergens than traditional carbon.

Adsorption is a process where organic compounds in the air or water react chemically with the activated carbon, which causes them to stick to the filter. The more porous the activated carbon will be, the more contaminants it will capture.

Application and Benefits of Pearl Water Carbon Filter-

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