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Rota Meter - 2 LPM / 120 LPH

Rota Meter - 2 LPM / 120 LPH


Specifications :-

  • Pearl Water offers the best rotameters for flow measurement in  RO systems.

  • Consumes zero electricity as it uses the pressure buildup from fluid flow along with gravity to provide accurate flow measurement.

  • Uses clear glass so very resistant to thermal shocks and chemical reactions.

  • This is one of the most cost effective solutions for low pressure and non-corrosive fluids.


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Rota Meter – Flow Meters  is a device used for measuring the volumetric flow of fluids such as water. It measures the rate of flow by varying the cross sectional area through which fluids flow and through this process cause a measuring effect. It’s made from various materials like Plastic , glass or metal with a float in the tube , this float moves in linear fashion to the fluid flow rate .Rotameters are one of the most widely-used types of flow meters in the Industrial RO Segment.

Technical Specifications of 120 LPH Rota Meter:-

  • Model - Rotameter
  • Flow - 2 LPM / 120 LPH
  • End Connection  - .5 cm ID – 1 cm OD
  • Color - Transparent
  • Material - Acrylic Body
  • Max Operating Temperature - 50˚C 
  • Product Dimension  (LxWxH) - 15*24* 29 Centimeter (cm)
  • Application - Non Corrosive Application for measuring in Industrial RO 

  • Industrial RO Spares - Flow Meter
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As the Rotameter tube is mounted vertically so when no flow, the float will rest at the bottom but once water starts flowing in the upward direction the float will begin to rise. In ideal condition the height that the float moves to is directly proportional to the water flow rate and the annular area between the float and the tube wall.  System reaches an equilibrium when the upward force exerted due to water flow balances the weight of the float; the float reaches a fixed position and by reading the scale against the fixed float position the flow rate can be found. 

Application areas of Rota Meter:-

Widely used in the water treatment industry in the Industrial RO Systems and other applications. Its measures flow as a rotating equipment and are used for wide information gathering to analyze the performance of machines to understand how the process is doing , it’s used in almost every  industry. 

Glass tubes should not be used for certain types of  fluids for example water over 90°C (194°F) alongwith its high pH will softens glass;  or caustic soda will dissolve the glass material and hydrofluoric acid will etch the glass , different tubing should be used for such applications.



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