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STP Spares

Pearl Water has got you an amazing range of STP Spares from Tube Settler Media to Screw Press. We provide STP Spares at a very reliable price and can assist you with all the specific information and details required for the setting up of them. The products will be safely delivered to your doorstep.The above mentioned products will fulfill all your needs with regards to the STP as these plants are very huge and need extra care and protection while operating. All the products are of high quality material and are tested and quality checked.

  1. Tube Settler media will ensure the proper settling of the suspended solids which are there in the sewage treatment plant process by giving out its maximum efficiency.
  2. For Transfer of Sludges we have highly powered and  durable Sludge Transfer Pumps.
  3. Stainless Steel LightWeight Membrane which ensures optimum flow.
  4. Fab Media for Biologically stipulated Microbes.
  5. FRP Resin comes in a packaging size of 200 litres in barrel which last for a very long time and softens the water very excellently
  6. The strongly built Screw Press which easily filters the Sludge with a gravitational drainage process and is also used for the hard sludge in place of belt press.

Advantages of Pearl Water Technologies RO spares:

We are one of the best STP Spare Parts dealers and manufacturers in India, and we stand by our dedication to quality and expert services. We have a great customer base, and we are focused on growing it while keeping everyone happy. You can look at our selection above and buy STP parts online based on your requirement. We are delighted to assist you.

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