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Cartridge Filter

What is cartridge filter?

Water cartridge filters are modular filters that are used to remove sediments, metals, micro-organisms, particles and chemicals from the water. It is made of polypropylene material that have been wound together. The suspended solid material in the water is stuck on the cartridge filter. Since cartridge filters are not backwashed, they need to be replaced when they get dirty or clogged. The frequency at which the filter should be changed is determined by the quality of the water passing through it for each supply.

How does the cartridge filter work?

The cartridge filter traps solid material suspended in the water. The filter is rated to remove particles of a specific size. For various supplies, many filters will be needed in the descending order of particle removal size. A 20 micron filter and/or 5 micron cartridge filter is a popular option, but the exact choice depends upon the quality of the supply and the substances to be removed.

What are the uses of 5 Micron Water cartridge filter?


What are the benefits of RO filtercartridge?

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