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Cartridge Filter

What is a cartridge filter?

Cartridge Filter is a part of a RO system that plays a very important role in making the water clean and safe. Generally, the shape of a cartridge filter is similar to the other types of filters, which are in Tubular form. These Water filter cartridges are also used in different industries for different purposes and specific filtration requirements such as sandblasting, Food processing, Grain Handling, Chemical Industry, etc. A water filter cartridge is bound within a housing or a casing, and it is widely used to remove unwanted particles, which are large in size, pollutants and several chemicals from the water.

What does a water filter cartridge remove?

 A water filter cartridge is bound within a housing or a casing, and it is widely used to remove unwanted particles, which are large pollutants and several chemicals from the water. It Easily removes sand, Silt, and Dirt which is mixed in the water. It also removes Turbidity from the water, which can arise in cloudy structures due to suspended solids. Water cartridge filters efficiently remove organic substances, several kinds of salts, metals, and dissolved solids from the water. Helps in reviving the taste of the water.

1.How many types of Cartridge Filters are there?

Basically, there are two types of cartridge filters-:

A) Surface Filters- These types of Cartridge Filters restrict the contaminants, chemicals, and all the other impurities outside the filter media hence passing the clean water to the inside of the Filter. After a specific period of time, the outside media is choked, so they need cleaning at that time. These are a little bit cheaper than the depth filters and have a short shelf life. Examples of surface filters are Cellulose Filters, Pleated Cartridge Filter, etc.

B) Depth filters – These are just opposite to the surface filters as they trap the contaminants within the filter media and let the clean water pass away. Usually, these water cartridge filters have a set of layers that restricts the foreign particle from flowing away with the water. These filters can be cleaned by the reverse flow of the water and therefore have a very long life as compared to the surface filters. Examples of Depth filters are String Wound filters, ceramic Filters, Jumbo Cartridge Filters etc. String Wound Filter is mostly used in Domestic Ro Water Purification systems.

2. Which Filter is Best for Drinking Water?

Technically if we compare both the types of Water Cartridge Filters, of course, Depth Filters are to be on top of the list. Anyways in this category, there are mainly two types of filters which are considered as best for drinking water as follows –

A) String Wound Filter Cartridge – The shape of the Filter is like a Honeycomb; a String bound filter is made by weaving yarn around a core. These microfibers are Twinned and twisted together. The better the quality of the yarn, the better the quality of the Filter. It is woven in such a way that it is tighter at the core and lighter at the outside, which points to the large size of the particles being captured at first. The Thickness of the String Wound Cartridge Filter is responsible for the dirt holding capacity, Efficiency, and life of the Filter.

B) Jumbo Cartridge Filter – As the name suggests, Jumbo Cartridges Filters are bigger in size, which increases their Efficiency and their power to eliminate Turbidity from the water. Their micron capacity decides the filtration capacity. They are very good at retaining the sediments, more than 85%. Jumbo Cartridge Filters are very much efficient in increasing the life expectancy of the other water filters and are considered to be the Pre-Filters.

3. What are the benefits of Water Cartridge Filters?

Firstly, a water filter cartridge removes sand, even the smaller particles than sand which can be of 10-15 microns and removes Turbidity, which can be formed by suspended particles. Very easily, it catches up the silt, dirt, rust and all the organic substances like salts, minerals etc., from the water by making it clean and pure.

Secondly, a Water Cartridge Filter saves the inner filters from getting exhausted and increases the life of all the post-filters by lowering the pressure drop. It works as the safeguard of the RO Water System.

4. What Water Cartridge Filter to buy?

Finding perfect Water Filter Cartridges might be difficult for anyone. Pearl Water provides Cartridge Filters that are Highly efficient, ISO Certified, have maximum product output and excellent filtration. There are mainly three types of Water Filter Cartridges which are offered by Pearl Water -:

A) Slim 5 Micron Water Filter Cartridge- With 90% sediment retention capacity, ideal for all types of Domestic, Industrial and Commercial RO plants up to 700 liters per hour. It is of 2.5 Inch Diameter X 20 Inch Height. Provides high-quality filtered water and is widely used in industries like Health Care, Paper, Textile, Water Treatment Plants, etc.

B) String Wound Cartridge Filter – This Filter has extensive chemical adaptability and longer assistance to filter life. Made up of 100% polypropylene that permits no odor, foaming or fiber dropping out, it has a very high large dirt handling capacity which makes it ideal for all filtration applications.

C) Jumbo Cartridge Filter – It is of 20 inches made with a unique melt brown process of a synthetic resin. It can retain up to 90% of the sediments. They are installed at first in the phase of the filtration process to save the inner and the post filter of the RO Water Purification system.

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