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Gravity Water Purifiers
Pearl - Gravity Water Purifier (Color - Red)
₹ 1,320 ₹ 1,650
Gravity Water Purifiers
Pearl - Gravity Water Purifier (Color - Blue)
₹ 1,320 ₹ 1,650

Gravity Water Purifier

Pearl Water Technologies is a premium brand for manufacturing Gravity water filters. Our Gravity Water Filters are made from high-quality materials and advanced techniques making us one of the leading brands in India.

As the name suggests these gravity water purifier works by using gravity as their working principle. The Gravity Water Filter purification method has outstanding benefits and abilities.

In this gravity-based purification, water flows from a top container to a lower container under the effect of gravity. The upper container of the gravity water filter contains an element that takes care of the filtering process of the contaminated water. That element has small microscopic pores that do not allow contaminants and other pollutants from passing through it to the lower container.

 The Gravity Water Filter falls under the non-electric water purifier category because they do not need to be connected to any power source to purify water.

Types of Gravity Water Purifiers

There are two types of gravity-based water filters –

Rapid Gravity Filters -

The rapid gravity filter is a type of filter used in water purification. It is commonly used in municipal drinking water facilities as part of a multiple-stage treatment system.

Slow Sand Filters

Slow sand filters are used in water purification for treating raw water to produce potable water that is safe to be used as drinking water. Slow sand filters are different from other filters used to treat drinking water as they work by using a complex biological film that grows naturally on the surface of the sand.

Applications and Benefits of Pearl Water Gravity Water Purifiers -

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