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Oil and Grease Trap (OGT)

Pearl Water OGT is carefully engineered and designed to trap most grease and solid waste before they enter into the drainage system. On an average our grease trap is able to trap 80-90% of grease that enter it. We design various kind of grease trap for kitchen, hotel, restaurants according to client need.

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Oil and Grease Trap (OGT)

Pearl Water is the leading manufacture of Oil and GreaseTrap for kitchen, hotels, restaurant etc. We customize the grease trap design according to customer needs. Grease trap price vary according to its size and models. We offers customized kitchen grease trap plant according to client needs. We manufacture premium quality grease interceptor for our customers at an affordable cost.

An OGT collects and reduces the amount of fats, oils and greases from the wastewater that enter the main sewers. This prevents drain blockages, foul odors and any kind of pest infestation. It is a saviourwhen it comes to preserving the pipes and plumbing systems at a restaurant or a commercial eatery.

An OGT is also called as grease interceptors, converters, catchers, grease recovery/management devices as well as Grease trap. It is usually manufactured using plastic or stainless steel and must be cleaned manually and on a regular basis.Pearl Water Technologies provides premium quality Kitchen Grease trap plant which can efficiently treat wastewater while reducing excessive FOG before disposing into the drainage system.

Why is Oil And Grease Trap Plant required?


Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) are essential components in commercial kitchen activities. Research states that, the US restaurant’s kitchen produces about 25 billion gallons of used cooking oil every week. There is no such official figure about restaurants in India, but with the increasing size of the food services market, it is safe to say that the total edible oil consumption by commercial businesses is growing which directly reflects on the extent of fat, oil and grease getting released in wastewater.

Usually, wastewater contains small amounts of fats, oils and grease which get broken down naturally in the sewer system. But if anexcessive amount of FOG, usually from commercial or restaurant kitchens, enter without getting treated into the sewer system, it can cause serious damage to the environment.

Large quantities of FOG are viscous in nature. It solidifies when it cools down and hardens with other solid waste in the sewer and accumulates on the walls of the pipe. This can eventually lead to blockages while fats and oils damage waste water treatment equipment, costing municipalities millions in repairs every year. If allowed to enter a natural water stream, fats, oils and grease (FOG) can cause serious damage to the environment.

According to the Food Safety and Standards Act of India, commercial kitchens and food businesses should properly manage the disposal of sewage and effluents. It should be aligned with the requirements of The Factory/Environment Pollution Control Board. Adequate drainage and waste disposal systems must comply with the safety standards to preserve the municipal pipes and protect the environment.

This is where an Oil and Grease Trap comes to the rescue. It is the most popular option in managing FOG.

Who requires Grease Separator/Grease Interceptor?

Oil And Grease Trap are required on all units that prepare food for the public or staff. It is widely used in the following industries:



How does OGT Work?


The Oil Grease Trap Plant work on the principle ofoil being 10 to 15 percent lighter and denser than waterand that they do not mix with water. Thus, fats, oils and grease float on top of water.

An OGT plant has 2 separated tanks inside. When kitchen wastewater enters an OGT plant in the first tank, the flow rate is reduced enough so that the wastewater is given enough time to cool down and separate into the following 3 layers:

The separated cleanwater in the middle is then pumped under an outlet baffle into a secondary tank. It is then returned to the regular sewer system. In this way, the OGT plant traps the FOG and releases treated water into the drainage system.

The OGT plantleaves the leftover FOG and solids in the first tank. After a period of time,the FOG and solids will build up which must be then pumped out and disposed of. Frequently cleaning of the plant is very important to maintain the performance of the plant.

It is advised to install the OGT plant as close to the kitchen as possible, simultaneously being easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Benefits of an Oil and Grease Trap Plant The kitchen Grease Trapis an important and valuable addition to any working kitchen. This is because there are several financial and environmental benefits of using a grease trap in commercial kitchens.

The main economic benefit of using an OGT plant is that sewers will need less maintenance and expensive repairs. It can help prevent the temporary closure of the business that can be caused due to foul odour or blockages. It will help commercial food companies to adhere to the legal compliances and stay far away from being penalized.

As the OGT plant traps the FOG and disposes clean and treated water, it,in turn, helps to keep the environment clean.It protects the natural resources from the harmful effects of oil and grease.

Stainless steel grease trap plant can improve the public image of the business. Installing a grease trap is actually a selling point for the restaurants and commercial food business when they show they are protecting the environment by adopting environment-friendly wastewater disposable process.

Pearl Water Technologies is the manufacturer of Grease Trap offering a wide range of grease interceptorsto choose from. We offer Pearl Water Stainless Steel OGT plants having grease separation capacity ranging from 8 kgs to 15 Kgs. Small to large sized commercial food businesses can choose accordingly to their suitability. Our OGT plant contains scientifically placed baffles and easy to drain vents. It features leak-proof joints and seamless constructed tank, manufactured using high-quality stainless-steel material. For easy maintenance and cleaning, it has an easy openable latch. Pearl Water design ISO Certified highly efficient and effective Grease trap for kitchen, Restaurant, hotel etc. Pearl Water Grease Separator are more durable because it is made up of stainless steel.

If you are looking for premium quality and long-lasting Oil Grease Trap Design, consider Pearl Water Technologies – a trusted brand for water treatment technology in India.

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