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Pebbels Multigrade Filter media

Pebbels Multigrade Filter media


Specifications :-

  • Useful for Water filtration

  • Widely used in Water Treatment application

  • This filter media can be used in both conventional and biological filters.

  • It removes large particles in the water.


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Pebbles are generally smooth sharp stones that have been naturally shaped by water, coming either from river & seashore. Pebbles are twofold washed, furnace dried, screened and categorized into different types of  sizes to meet various specifications with strict constancy to quality control. Pebbles are used in Water Treatment Plants. It makes good water filters because they form permeable layers. Pebbles come in various colors and textures.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of Multigrade Filter Media Pebbels

Type - Pebble

Size - 25 to 100 mm 

Brand -  Pearl

Packaging Size  - 25 Kgs Bag

Form  - Solid

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Pebble filters are able to trap particles within the water through physical means alone. Therefore, water stressed through a pebble filter or sand will still need further treatment to eliminate pathogens and other particles small enough to slip through the cracks between sand grains to make it drinkable.

Application areas of Pebbels Multigrade Filter Media

This media is designed for specific water treatment filtration systems.



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