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Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is one of the high-in-demand wastewater treatment plants in India. Pearl Water Technologies offer a premium range of ISO certified ETP plants for various types of factories and industries. We understand that manufacturing units and companies produce toxic water loaded with harmful chemicals, which is a threat to the environment if released untreated. Hence, based on our industrial knowledge and expertise in manufacturing wastewater treatment systems, we have designed efficient ETP plant which assists in achieving clean and safe water for reuse or disposal purpose.

Manufacturing companies produce wastewater as a bi-product of their production. The water contains several pollutants, organic matter and harmful chemicals which need to be treated before disposal into the environment. It is mandatory for industries to meet the national effluent discharge standards set by the government. The pollution level must not exceed these standards or they might be penalized for breaching the law.

Our ETP plant is specially designed for treating the industrial wastewater for its reuse or safe disposal to the environment. With the combination of evaporation & drying method, centrifuging technique, filtration technique and incineration technique, our ETP plant completely removes effluents from the wastewater.

Our ETP Plant are suitable for various industrial sectors such as:



It is highly useful where the production of effluent water is high. Our Effluent Treatment Plants are semi-automatic and cost-effective, helping our clients to achieve the clean and safe water.

Our Approach


We firstly analyze the effluent samples based on different effluent parameters as per nature and compositions. We then carry out the treatability analysis by using different methods wherein we check techno-commercial feasibility. Accordingly, we design treatment schemes, processes accordingly to suit the purpose and need of the company. Our ETP systems are quite compact, customized, portable and energy efficient.


Advantages of Pearl Water ETP Plant:



We have many satisfied customers trusting us for their water treatment requirement. We continuously bring innovation into our products to meet the challenging demands of the industries. We have been awarded for the delivery of quality products, making us one of the leading Effluent Treatment Plant manufacturer at best price in India.

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