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5.5 Ltr Resin Tank Water Softener
Fresh Water

5.5 Ltr Resin Tank Water Softener


Specifications :-

  • Resin Tank-5.5Ltr
  • Flow Rate- 50 Liters per Hour
  • Inlet Hardness Up to 1500 PPM
  • Dimensions- Length- 12 Inch X Breadth- 7 Inch X Height- 25 Inch
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty


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10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


Pearl Water Specially Designed 5.5 Ltr Resin Tank Water Softener with Flow Rate Of 50 LPH is an ideal system For Domestic Home as well Commercial Purposes. It Can be Easily Installed either in the Bathroom or Kitchen or Washing Machines and have the ability to Capture solid Particles up to 1500 PPM From the Raw Water.
This Product will not only be useful in protecting all the water appliances like a geyser, washing machines from internal damage but also can remove the problem of stains, spots, scaling from taps and pipes, rapid hair falls, allergies, Yellowing of teeth, etc. So in a nutshell, our product can take care of you from many diseases and gives you a healthy and stains-free life. 
Why are Pearl Water Technologies products better?
•    This product has a long-lasting and rust-free life.
•    Our all products are ISO certified and that guarantees you a premium quality product.
•    We use international standard accessories to make our product highly efficient.
•    Our softeners are able to reduce 99% of hardness from water.
•    Our all products are highly durable.


  • Water Hardness - 1500
  • Ease Of Operation - Fully Automatic
  • Flow Per Hour - 50
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Benefits of fully automatic 5.5 L Resin Tank Water Softener-
•    longer product life so it is a one-time investment with easy installation and low maintenance
•    It Prevents your water appliances life and also gives freedom from ugly stains.
•    It takes care of your skin from dryness and hair from frizziness.
•    Easy to use and long service life.
•    High Resin life and rust-free nature.
Uses of fully automatic 5.5 L Resin Tank Water Softener-
•    you can use this either in your Bathroom, Kitchen, or Washing Machines.
•    In the food industry. like- hotels and restaurants.
•    In Hospitals, educational institutions 
•    In laundries for maintaining the fabric quality.




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