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150 LPH RO plant fully automatic with 50% Water Recovery Rate
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150 LPH RO plant fully automatic with 50% Water Recovery Rate


Specifications :-

  • Heavy Duty System, can operate for up to 10 hours non-stop

  • Fully Automatic RO Plant less manual command required

  • General Maintenance not required frequently

  • Very easy to operate (Plug and Play system)

  • Excellent Water recovery rate is 30% 

  • Inlet TDS – Up to 1000 ppm

  • MOC (Material of construction) used in plant is stainless-steel material


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10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


Pearl Water is one of the leading ISO certified manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial RO plants. We manufacture & customize water plants according to customer needs and their usage.

150 LPH RO plant supplies 150-liter water per hour and fulfills the need of up to 300 people.

We customize plants with updated technology and the latest standards or the basis of requirements of specific industries.

Our main aim is customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products on time and also offers after-sales services.

Why Pearl Water technologies better than competitor

The qualities that set Pearl Water apart from its competitors: 

  • Pearl water delivers International Standard accessories to manufacture or customize are plants and products.

  • More durable products so all products are long-lasting.

  • Excellent water recovery rate which is more than 60%, which is very high compared to others

  • Our all products are ISO Certified so all products are excellent in quality 


  • Ease Of Operation - fully Automatic
  • Water Recovery Rate - 50
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 1000
  • Flow Per Hour - 150
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Main Features of 150 LPH RO Plant:

Less power consumption 

All plants are energy-efficient design so less power consumption


All plants have Low wastage hence become environment-friendly

Low maintenance

Pearl Water design all the plant according to standards parameter hence require low maintenance 

Main usage

150 lph ro plant clutter the need of up to 300 people one time so its use in 

  • School, College, and other educational institutes.

  • Food industry like Restaurants and hotels.

  • For business & Industrial and purposes like Manufacturing plants, Pharmaceutical purposes, corporate offices etc

  • Use in Commercial buildings and malls, complexes etc

How will it benefit you:

  • It will Provide Purified and safe drinking water

  • It Prevents waterborne diseases.


The function of Each part used in 150 LPH RO plant Specifications: 

  • Raw Water Pump:

 It generally forces the raw water for filtration.

  • Dual Media filter (DMF):

 It is used to remove harmful chemicals and impurities from water.

  • Activated carbon filter (ACF):

ACF used to remove the odor and color from water.

  • Doser 

Doser used to prevent RO membrane from scaling.

  • Micron filters:

 Micron filters remove the small particles up to 5 microns.

  • Robust high-pressure pump:

 A robust high-pressure pump in SS 304 construction pushes the water to RO membranes.

  • RO membranes of 0.0001 microns:

 This RO membrane used to remove up to 90% of dissolved salts, heavy metals like lead, mercury, etc.

  • Online Rota meter:

 Permeate flow measures by Online Rotameter.

  • Robust MS powder:

 MS powder Coated frame provides compact skid.

  • Microprocessor-based control panel installed for ease of operations.



1) What is the price of a 150 LPH RO plant?

The cost will be 60,000 plus 18% GST of 150 fully automatic RO Plant with a 30% Water Recovery Rate.

2) How many years of warranty of 150 LPH RO?

Warranty of 150 lph RO is 1 year 

3)  How many years of warranty of 150 LPH RO Kid?

Warranty of 150 LPH RO Kid is 5 year

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