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Solenoid Valve 20 mm

Solenoid Valve 20 mm


Specifications :-

·    Available in the sizes of 15mm, 20mm, 25mm.

·    Available in latest-generation systems.

·    Most often applied control components in fluidics

·    Secure switching.

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Pearl Water  is one of the leading brands who offers you the best water and wastewater treatment systems. Our company offers you a wide range of products that gives you the best solution to your problem.

Aira‘s solenoid valve is an electromechanically treated valve. These are the most often applied control components in fluidics. Their duties are to shut off, discharge, dose, scatter, or mix fluids. They are located in many application fields. Solenoids allow fast and secure switching, high reliability, long duty life, good medium adaptability of the materials used, low control power, and compact design.

We offer you the best product in this range. This product is very reliable and cost-effective. This product is available with the latest generation system that gives you high performance with high durability. All products are ISO certified and give you customized and reliable products according to your needs. Aira products are more durable which gives the product a long life with low maintenance. Pearl Water  International Standard Accessories that makes our product of premium quality. We provide you a long-lasting quality product. That gives the product a long period of life with low maintenance.

    ·    Available in the sizes of 15mm, 20mm, 25mm.

    ·    Available in latest-generation systems.

    ·    Most often applied control components in fluidics

    ·    Secure switching.

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Usage -

·    Solenoid valves are practiced in fluid power pneumatic and hydraulic systems, to restrain cylinders, fluid energy motors, or more extended automated valves.

·    Automatic watering sprinkler systems also use solenoid valves with an automated controller.

·    Household washing machines and dishwashers use solenoid valves to regulate water entry into the machine.

·    Solenoid valves can be utilized for a large array of industrial purposes, including general on-off control, calibration and analysis stands, pilot plant test loops, process control systems, and several unique accessories operator applications.

Benefits -

·    Solenoid valves are extremely versatile. They can be used in various different and unusual system applications handling air, water, oil, gas, steam pretty much any liquid or gaseous substance.

·    The added thing that's big about solenoid valves is that they're a very effective method of automatic flow control for liquids and gases.

·    It is very powerful in controlling external as well as outer leakage.

·    It has a speedy response time and small power consumption.



1 What are the different types of a wall?

Ans - 1 Direct-acting valve

2 Pilot operated valves

3 Two way valves.

2 . Is This solenoid works on high pressure?

Ans - Yes, it works on high pressure and easily controls the external and internal leakage

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