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Pentair FRP Vessel 16*65

Pentair FRP Vessel 16*65


Specifications :-

  • Outstanding Performance and Durability 

  • Application - Drinking Water

  • Easy to handle and easy to install

  • Inner shell polytheylene

  • Outer shell fiberglass with epoxy resin.

  • Made up of high performance resin

  • FRP Vessels can never rust and are non-corrosive.

  • There is no chance of any leakage.

  • It is unmatched for strength and chemical resistance

  • It requires low maintenance.

  • Corrosion resistant product.

  • 1 year is the Product Warranty


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It is a FRP make Pressure Vessel Which inner shell is polytheylene and outer shell is fiberglass .It's an reliable application for water filtration and water conditioning. They hold water according to vessel size and provide unmatched strength and chemical resistance to the vessel.It is most suitable for internal plastic lining filters, softeners and DM plant applications.

It is primarily placed in two forms in filter applications, one of which is an activated carbon filter and the other is a multigrade filter consisting of four media filter varieties . Pre-treatment 1665 FRP Tank is used to remove the color and smell of raw water as a carbon filter for pre-treatment of the RO water treatment plant system.

Technical Specifications of Pentair Vessel 16*65:

Brand  - Pentair

Material  - FRP

Diameter  - 16 inch

Height - 65 inch

Capacity  - 49 gallon

Volume  - 185 Ltr.

Opening  - 4 inch threaded

Colour  - Blue

Max. working pressure  - 150 psi

Max. working Temperature  -  49°C

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Without any structural damage it's the boats immune to most chemicals, ensuring free and cost efficient corrosion-free solutions for treating water. Depending on your requirements, these FRP Vessels are available as regular polyester or chemically resistant vinyl coatings. It's a very useful product in the water treatment industry .

Used and benefits of FRP Vessels 16*65:

  • It is primarily used for the treatment of waste water for filtration, softening and preservation of water.

  • It treats industrial water with a media layer.

  • It is really good for better health and we stay away from many diseases by drinking our water.

  • These fulfill the criteria for potable water.



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