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FRP Vessel 14*65

FRP Vessel 14*65


Specifications :-

  • The capacity-40.6gallon volume is quite high in this range. 

  • Volume is 154lites. 

  • Maximum operating pressure-150psi.

  • Vessel diameter-14 inch which gives your product a clean entry.

  • Vessel height-64 inch.


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We introduced ourselves as one of the leading brands in our water and wastewater treatment system . We provide you the best products with excellent quality and with prime prices.

Our product FRP Vessel 14*65 is corrosion-resistant. The tank is designed to face the hydrostatic forces required by orienting the fibers in an unrelated direction. This enhances the hoop strength making the tanks anisotropically stronger than steel (pound per pound). FRP(fiber reinforced plastic) is built over the liner which gives a structural strength. These vessels are mainly used in the chemical industry for proper and safe storage.

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Uses of FRP Vessel -

  • These FRP vessels are mainly used in the chemical industry for safekeeping their products.

  • These are used in various commercial and industrial applications too.

  • Food and beverages, mining and metals, power and energy these FRP vessels are used in these industries too.

  • For chiller water storage


  • It is a more durable product. We provide you the best quality product.

  • Long lasting life. So we can say it is a one-time investment.

  • Operational cost is also very less.

  • This product is more efficient.

  • Easy to use and easy to understand.

  • It is a low maintenance product.



1.What is the capacity of the product?

Ans. The capacity of the product is 40.0 gallons.

2. What's the lifespan of FRP vessels?

Ans. It has a long functional low maintenance required.

3. Is this product suitable for the power energy plant?

Ans. Yes, This product is very much suitable for the power energy plant.

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