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M.B.B.R Semi-Automatic STP 5kld
Waste Water

M.B.B.R Semi-Automatic STP 5kld


Specifications :-

  • Capacity to holding sewage waste is 5kld ( 5kilo liters per day) 

  • MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) processes enhance reliability and require less space.

  • Semi-Automatic so minimal manpower required.

  • It is an industrial STP Plan.


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We Pearl Water Technology deals in many products related to water and waste-water treatment systems. We are known for the durability and quality of our products. We are one of the leading companies in manufacturing these products.

Today the Sewage Treatment Plant became a compulsory term of all the state Pollution Control board. So to fulfill this requirement. We provide you this (Moving Bed BioFilm Reactor ) M.B.B.R Semi-Automatic STP 5kld. As the name suggests this system is useful for the treatment of sewage waste, liquid waste including urine and dirty water collected from washing, etc coming from home, commercial buildings, and industries. This system converts sewage waste into useful sludge which can be used in soil. 

Pearls Water provides you this product at a very flexible price. This system is very cost-effective with minimal maintenance required. It is an environmentally friendly product which gives you 100% satisfaction. It also helps in making the environment tidy.

Why Pearl Water Technology?

  • We provide you ISO certified products that ensure our quality of the product

  • We use international standard accessories to make our product better and efficient.

  • Our all products are extremely durable and give you amazing results.

  • We provide you long-lasting quality products that require low maintenance.

  • Flow Per Day - 5
  • Technology - mbbr
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Uses of M.B.B.R Semi-Automatic STP 5kld.

  • In commercial buildings for proper treatment of waste sludge.

  • In industries to treat the impure water which has disposed of industries.

  • In residential societies to treat human or other liquid waste.

  • In schools, colleges, and hospitals we can also install this for the proper disposal system.

Benefits of M.B.B.R Semi-Automatic STP 5kld.

  • As a comparison to a conventional biological system, operational cost is very low.

  • It is very easy to install and covers a smaller area.

  • Ground Quality is also improved if there is no sewage waste.

  • STP installation also increases the life of flats and apartments.

  • M.B.B.R STP requires minimal maintenance.




1. What does this M.B.B.R mean?

M.B.B.R means moving bed bio film reactor that improves the authenticity, simplifies regulations and needs less space.

2. How is it useful for the industry?

It improves the ground quality and it can make a useful product which we can use in the soil as manure.

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