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350 LPH RO Plant Fully Automatic with 70% Water recovery rate
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350 LPH RO Plant Fully Automatic with 70% Water recovery rate


Specifications :-

  • Heavy Duty System can be operated up to 10 hours without any break 

  • Our product is fully automatic with no manual work required.

  • General Maintenance is not required 

  • Easy to operate. Anyone can use it.

  • Water recovery rate is 60%  so wastage of water is very less

  • Inlet TDS - Up to 1500 ppm

  • MOC (Material of Construction) - Stainless steel


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We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of water & wastewater treatment plants. We have good infrastructure to manufacture a full range of water treatment plants and systems to fulfill various requirements. 

we provide you 350 lph fully automatic industrial ro plant having capacity to hold 350 litres of water  with fully automation and heavy duty system can be operated upto 10 hours without any break.

We are ISO certified whatever we make that is of high Quality with 0% defect . Our all products are tested and tried so there is a very less chance of any error. We follow international standards to raise our product quality. 

We are known for the operational fluency, ease of installation, and excellent capacity of 350 liters per hour with premium quality. 


1. We got ISO certification in 2018 so the product related to us is of high quality.

2. We provide you with the same kind and same quality of product each and every time because we use international standard accessories for manufacturing our product.

3. We are giving you durable and efficient quality of product which will not lead maintenance for a longer period of time.

4. In each and every product we use premium quality accessories which give our product a long lasting Quality

5. We assure high water recovery and reduce water wastage. 

  • Ease Of Operation - fully Automatic
  • Water Recovery Rate - 60
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 1500
  • Flow Per Hour - 350
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Because in our product 350 lph full automatic industrial RO( Reverse Osmosis ) membranes are made of chemically resistant materials that allow for better filtration, more thorough cleaning, and little to no fouling .. A membrane is a selective barrier. As water passes through it, impurities such as salt or solids are removed and this plant has a high water capacity of 350liter per hour.

Advantage of 350 lph fully automatic industrial RO plant : 

  • One of the main environmental benefits of using a 350 lph automatic industrial ro is less hazardous wastewater. This is due to not using any damaging chemicals.

  • This is one of the greenest solutions for industrial wastewater.

  •   Our product reverse osmosis system to produce high-quality water is there are no hazardous chemicals required. These shows the health and safety benefits.


How will it benefit you? 


  • It will give you High-end product quality.

  • It improves the taste of the water.

  • It gives you health and safety benefits which should be the most preferred thing for you.

  • This product is fully automatic.

Product specification

  • The clarification followed by Sand Filtration for Turbidity removal

  • Water disinfection with chlorine

  • Hardness reduction by Softening

  • Addition of scale inhibitor

  •  Cartridge filters are used to suspend final removals.



What is the difference between  disinfection And cleaning of your RO System?

Ans. Cleaning is the removal of impurities from the feed side of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane element. Cleaners are of two types, high pH (7.5 – 11) and low pH (2.0 – 4.0). High pH cleaners remove silt and organics that clog or foul the membrane element from functioning adequately. Cleaners stop the microbes; they actually do not kill those.

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