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Semi-Automatic 3000 LPH Water softener, inlet hardness upto 500ppm
Fresh Water

Semi-Automatic 3000 LPH Water softener, inlet hardness upto 500ppm


Specifications :-

  • Operation Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Work upon inlet TDS 500 PPM
  • Capacity of tank is 3000 liter
  • Soften 3000 Liter Water per Hour
  • Water Softener with FRP tank
  • 1 Year Product Warranty
  • 3000 LPH Water Softener is ISO Certified


*Inclusive of All Taxes
Free Delivery
10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


Pearl Water is one of the leading and Environmental friendly company which provides excellent solutions for the Water and WasteWater industry. We are specialized in offering a precision engineered range of 3000 LPH Water Softener. Customer Satisfaction is our main motto that’s why we customized our products according to client needs.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Pearl Water delivers high quality products to its clients. We have a team of experts who has more than 10 years’ experience in the Water treatment industry.

Why is Pearl Water better than others?

  • Always Deliver ISO Certified Products 

  • Products are more durable

  • Use international Standard Accessories 

  • High quality material are used to manufacture product


  • Ease Of Operation - Semi Automatic
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 500
  • Flow Per Hour - 3000
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Main function of a water softener is making the hard Water soft. As we all know that 2% water is fresh on the earth. Scarcity of Water is the main Problem. That’s why we need a Water Softeners System to convert the hard Water into Soft Water or reuse it. Because the hard Water cannot be consumed without proper treatment. Water Softener helps water perform better with soaps, prevents the buildup of scale that can clog household plumbing

3000 LPH Water Softener used in many applications like:

  • Water Softener used in Industrial water and wastewater filtration
  • used in Industrial water filtration
  • Softening Process
  • Demineralization application
  • used in Iron removal filters


  • International quality

  • Non electric operations

  • Corrosion-resistant product

  • Product at best price in industry




How many years is the warranty of  3000 LPH Water Softener?

1 year

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