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Pearl Water Domestic Water Softener with 15 LTR Resin Tank
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Pearl Water Domestic Water Softener with 15 LTR Resin Tank


Specifications :-

Model Name
  • Domestic Water Softener with 15 LTR Resin Tank
  • Solid
Filter Material
  • Plastic, High Density Fiber(HDF), Polypropylene (PP)
Micron Rating
  • 5
Filtration Stages
  • 3
Shelf Life
  • 12 Months
Maximum Temperature
  • 350 K
Core Material
  • FRP, Polypropylene, Plastic
Extended Core Material
  • Polypropylene
End Treatment Material
  • Plastic
Purification Capacity
  • 500 L




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Pearl Water Specially Designed 15 LTR Resin Tank Water Softener with Flow Rate Of 500 LPH is an ideal system For Domestic Home as well Commercial Purposes. It Can be Easily Installed either in the Bathroom or Kitchen or Washing Machines and have the ability to Capture solid Particles up to 1500 PPM From the Raw Water. 

The water which comes from the tap consists of Calcium & minerals in it which causes the water to be hard. Water Softener is essential for reducing the hardness of water. Softener water removes the problem of dry skin, hair fall & other problems faced due to hard water.

Pearl Water Domestic water softener is very easy to install and operate. This water softener for home and industry is fully automatic to give soft water throughout your home without any effort. This product is a complete solution to all of your hard water problems.


  • Protect your household equipment like geysers, washing machines etc.

  • Easy to Install

  • Easy to use

  • Removes all problems caused due to hard water.

  • Low cost


  • Removing calcium & magnesium from water

  • Improving the lifeline of plumbing

  • Avoid rust formation on tap

  • Getting healthy & soft skin

  • Softening clothes & improve the cleanliness

  • Saving maintenance cost

  • Ease Of Operation - Semi- automatic
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Why are Pearl Water Technologies products better?

• This product has a long-lasting and rust-free life.

• This Product is ISO certified and that guarantees you a premium quality product.

• This water softeners is able to reduce 99% of hardness from water.

• This water softener is highly durable.



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