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3000 LPH, Semi-Automatic Water softener, inlet hardness upto 1500ppm
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3000 LPH, Semi-Automatic Water softener, inlet hardness upto 1500ppm


Specifications :-

  • Semi Automatic is operation Mode
  • Capacity  - 3000 liter
  • Application - WasteWater Treatment
  • With Resin FRP Tank 
  • Easy for regeneration process
  • Easy to Operate and easy to Install
  • Inlet Hardness - up to 1500 ppm
  • Drive Type - Electric
  • Product Warranty - 1 Year


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1 Year Warranty


3000 LPH Semi-Automatic Water Softeners Provide High Quality water for a wide variety of applications.  It is a sort of Filter that eliminates the calcium and magnesium in hard water. It is Cleaned by Regeneration Process. It is used to convert hard water to soft water.

 It makes the water soft and potable by removing calcium and magnesium from hard water. It has a resin filter which is in a vertical position and which is made of FRP and  resins are very small porous round plastic beads. 

The process of cleaning water in this way is where sodium and magnesium ions are exchanged, where calcium ions send the mineral hardness of the water immediately to the resin and in this way we get the purified water from the outlet.

Why this product:

Soft water produced by 3000 LPH Water softener protects your hair and skin from hard water's side effects. This water softener protects your  water from internal damage.In this way it protects you from many diseases and makes your life happy. This Softener . It provides continuously treated quality water.

  • Ease Of Operation - Semi Automatic
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 1500
  • Flow Per Hour - 3000
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It is used in many places such as domestic areas, industrial areas, Schools, Hospitals, Malls for water softening.

Used and benefits  of Semi-Automatic 3000 LPH Water Softener:

  • It is mainly use for wastewater treatment

  • It is used for water treatment in homes and factories.

  • It is used in textile mills.

  • It removes bed testes from water.

  • It removes hard minerals from the fabric, which keeps the clothes for a long time.

  • It is very beneficial for better health because by drinking its water we stay away from many diseases.

  • Reduces deposits in geysers and utensils and keeps them Clean.




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