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3000 LPH Fully-Automatic Water softener, inlet hardness upto 500ppm
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3000 LPH Fully-Automatic Water softener, inlet hardness upto 500ppm


Specifications :-

  • Water Softener with FRP Tank.

  • Fully Automatic needs less manual work.

  • Easy to recharge and easy to use.

  • Inlet Hardness - Up to 500 ppm

  • Capacity 3000 ltr is quite high to soften your water.

  • Product Warranty 1 year

  • Robust in Design

  • Easy to maintain and operate


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10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


We are serving you in the field of water and wastewater treatment systems for the last 13 years. We provide you the best services and best quality products. We are ISO certified and ensure you have zero default products.

We have performed our technological expertise to manufacture an extremely viable Industrial 3000 Lph Fully Automatic Softener Plant. We are occupied with improving the taste of water by developing these highly advanced softener plants. The suggested system efficiently operates on reducing the scale build-up thus occurring in advanced life of plumbing systems these commodities are created and expanded using the quality-assured element and slicing-edge technologies to create sure their effectiveness and high functionality. In addition to this, these products are adjusted as well as regular forms.

We give you the most reliable quality Water Softener products because we worked with very experienced and efficient engineers and used international standard accessories that give you the fittest output and present you with a long-lasting quality product. We use international standard accessories to give you a premium quality product. It is very durable and lasts for a long time. Our all products are ISO certified which ensures our 100% satisfying quality.

Why Pearl Water Technologies?

  • We are ISO certified and offer you a premium and most reliable quality product.

  • Pearl water Technologies offers you a durable quality product that shows the strength and reliability of the product.

  • We assemble our product with international standard accessories to make our product prime and efficient

  • We offer you a long-lasting quality product that also requires less maintenance.

  • Ease Of Operation - fully Automatic
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 500
  • Flow Per Hour - 3000
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Usage of 3000 LPH Water Softener:

  • In food manufacturing. like- hotels and restaurants.

  • At mineral water plants to enhance their water quality.

  • In Hospitals, educational institutions

  • In laundries for maintaining the fabric quality.

  • Residential societies and apartments for a better quality product

Benefits of fully Automatic Water Softener 3000 LPH :

  • Removes Any Unwanted Tastes from Your Drinking Water water softener will help remove the things you'd rather not be drinking. Preferably, you turn on your tap and can drink fresh, professional-grade filtered water at any time.

  • Soft Water Is Easier on Your Pipes and Appliances will help reduce scale-related plumbing problems in the future. A water softener system will also help cleaning go more swiftly, in part because soft water reacts more favorably with soap, giving you lots of suds and bacteria-killing power.

  • Our Water Softener Systems are Easy to maintain Our water softeners are not hard to maintain. It is fully automatic 

  • Fully Automatic it is fully automatic no need for any extra efforts.




1 Will My Water Taste Salty?

Ans. Yes, when you have a salt-based water softener, it substitutes the minerals with sodium so the finish outcome is water with salt in it. But, most systems do not add salt to cold water in the kitchen (the water you're most likely to be drinking) so you probably won't really notice a salty taste.

2 What is the point of a water softener?

Ans water softener works to handle hard water by eliminating the minerals effectively through a process called ion-exchange. Mineral ions that produce hardness and damage to your home are trapped by resin within the practice and replaced for sodium and potassium ions.

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