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2000 LPH  Water Softener Fully-Automatic
Fresh Water

2000 LPH Water Softener Fully-Automatic


Specifications :-

  • Water Softener with FRP Tank which is rust free and very effective.

  • It is Fully Automatic so it deduces the manpower 

  • Easy to recharge.

  • Inlet Hardness - Up to 1500 ppm. which is quite high.

  • The capacity of holding water is 2000 liters.

  • Product Warranty 1 year


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10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


We are one of the leading brands that deal in water and wastewater treatment. We are offering you 2000 LPH Water Softeners that convert hard water (which contains a high amount of calcium, magnesium, and iron in water) into soft water. This product is useful in protecting all the water appliances like a geyser, washing machines from internal damage and removes the problem of stains, spots, and scaling from taps and pipes.

This 2000 LPH Water softener is fully automatic and a very cost-effective product. This product gives you soft water which prevents you from skin or hair diseases too. So our product takes care of you from many diseases and gives you a healthy and stains-free life. It reduces 90% hardness of the water.

Why are Pearl Water Technologies products better?

  • This product has a long-lasting and rust-free life.

  • Our all products are ISO certified and that guarantees you a premium quality product.

  • We use international standard accessories to make our product highly efficient.

  • Our softeners are able to reduce 90% of hardness from water.

  • Our all products are highly durable.

  • Water Hardness - 500
  • Ease Of Operation - fully Automatic
  • Flow Per Hour - 2000
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Uses of fully automatic water softener 2000 LPH system:-

  • We can use this in homes and apartments.

  • In the food industry. like- hotels and restaurants.

  • At mineral water plants to enhance their water quality.

  • In Hospitals, educational institutions 

  • In laundries for maintaining the fabric quality.


  • longer product life so it is a one-time investment.

  • It Prevents your water appliances life and also gives freedom from ugly stains.

  • It takes care of your skin from dryness and hair from frizziness.

  • Easy to use and long service life.

  • It reduces water hardness up to 90%.

  • High resin life and rust-free nature.



1. Which particles it can detect from water.

Ans. - Calcium, magnesium, iron.

2.  What is the capacity of holding water?

Ans. 2000 liters.

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