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2000 LPH Semi-Automatic Water softener, inlet hardness upto 500ppm
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2000 LPH Semi-Automatic Water softener, inlet hardness upto 500ppm


Specifications :-

  • Water Softener with FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) resin Tank

  • Semi-Automatic is the operation Grade

  • Easy to recharge & maintain

  • Long-life of resin cartridge.

  • Work upon Inlet Hardness – Up to 500 ppm

  • Compact & Sturdy design.

  • Capacity of the tank is 2000 liter.


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10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


Pearl Water offers best quality 2000 LPH Water Softener Fully Automatic. It means it softens 2000 liter water per hour. The hardness or treated Water is Approx. 10-15 which is quite low.The Range of water softener offered by Pearl Water is designed to remove all kinds of scaling forming salts as well as ions from water like calcium and magnesium.

Why 2000 LPH Water Softener Products is better than others?

  •  ISO certified Product:

 We offer the most reliable & premium quality ISO Certified product.

  • Offers you a durable quality.

Pearl water Technologies offers you a durable quality product that shows the strength and reliability of the product.

  • Use International standard accessories.

Pearl Water use international standard accessories to make product highly efficient & durable.

  • long-lasting quality product.

Less maintenance is required because we offer long-lasting quality products.

  • Ease Of Operation - Semi Automatic
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 500
  • Flow Per Hour - 2000
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2000 LPH Semi-Automatic Water softener is generally used to soften the hard Water. It is used at Industry as well as Domestic Level.

Applications Area:

  • Used in Boiler Feed

  • Used in Textile Processing.

  • Beverage Production.

  • Laundries , Hospitals, Hotels, etc.

Advantage of using Pearl Water Softener:

  • Designed Based on latest and Updated technologies

  • All Pearl Water Products are ISO Certified

  • Provide both fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Water Softeners at best price According to Customer need.

  • 1 year all-inclusive warranty

  • Less power consumption required

  • Maintenance Process Is user Friendly

  • All accessories are high quality and ensure the long life and durability of the product.

  • High quality resins are used which ensure efficient exchange of ions and softening the water



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