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Water Softener Injector

Water Softener Injector


Specifications :-


  • Energy Efficient They are 100% energy effective. They use both the latent and rational heat available, finally resulting in a 20-30% energy savings.

  • Low Maintenance simple design and minimal moving parts mean you will spend little time on maintenance.

  • Life Cycle It is quick and easy to install. Over the years it is in service your properly maintained injectors will continue to see the same high levels of performance and efficiency.

  • Easy to use It is easy to use and control requires less maintenance with zero effort and gives you high efficiency.


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The injector is an important component of the water softener. It's the part that is responsible for creating the suction that draws the salt brine out of the brine tank during the brine draw stage of the regeneration. 

An injector is a method of ducting and outlets used to direct the issue of a powerful fluid in such a way that a weaker pressure fluid is entrained in the jet and moved through a channel to a region of higher pressure. It is a fluid-dynamic pump with no effective parts, accepting a valve to restrain inlet flow. A steam injector is a typical treatment of the principle used to produce cold water to a boiler facing its pressure, using its own live or exhaust steam, replacing any automatic pump.

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Usage of Water Softener Injector :

  • It is a fluid-dynamic pump , accepting a valve to restrain inlet flow.

  • To inject elements into the boiler drums of small, stationary, low pressure boilers. 

  • In thermal power stations, they are used for the extraction of the boiler bottom ash, the discharge of fly ash from the hoppers

  • Jet pumps have been practiced in boiling water nuclear reactors to disseminate the coolant fluid.

  • For use in composing a vacuum pressure in steam jet cooling systems.

  • The construction industry uses them for tapping turbid water and slurries.



1 We have hard water, will we experience scale & mineral build-up?

Ans No. The ProSonix injection heater has a self-cleaning design. Our huge velocity steam discharge reduces scale build-up in the Jet Diffuser.

2 How many types of injectors are there?

Ans There are four types of injectors are present 

  • Single-point injectors 

  • Throttle body injectors.

  • Port or multipoint injectors

  • Sequential fuel injectors

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