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Pearl Water Softening Resin Softener Media

Pearl Water Softening Resin Softener Media


Specifications :-

  • It removes hardness from water and makes your water soft.

  • This product helps in expanding the life span of household machines and pipelines.

  • This also helps in improving the working of different appliances.

  • This product is helpful for your skin and hair too.


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We are offering you high-Quality ion exchange Resin water softener to remove hardness from the water. Water softening is a method in which water runs through a bed of resin to change the hardness ions, calcium, and magnesium, for sodium ions. While the Softener resin has reached its capacity for keeping hardness ions, the water softener begins a regeneration cycle.

Softening by ion exchange resin is also identified as Base Exchange softening. Hard, raw water is passed over a bed of cation resin in sodium form. Ca and Mg ions, which create hardness, are exercised up by resin and in replacing sodium ions are surrendered from the resin. Raw water resumes getting softened till the resin gets drained. 

Water softening is an important method because the hardness of the water in residences and companies is reduced through this method.

While water is hard, it can seal pipes and soap will fade in it very easily. Water softening can hold these negative effects.

Hard water originates a greater chance of limescale films in household water systems. It raises the expense of residential water heating by around fifteen to twenty percent. This practice expands the life span of the household machine and the life span of pipelines. It also provides improved working, and more lengthened the lifespan of solar heating systems, air conditioning units, and many other water-based applications.

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Benefits of Resin water softener

  • It saves money because Soft water lacks the mineral ions that make development in your pipes and appliances, preserving you from expensive repair bills. 

  • Soft water can be greatly helpful for your hair and skin while washing or showering.

  • Water softener limits the opposing effects of hard water on your garments while giving them soft to the touch and preserving the original, fresh look and feel.

  • Saving the time you spend cleaning regularly.

Uses of water softener Resin

  • In food manufacturing. like- hotels and restaurants.

  • At mineral water plants to enhance their water quality.

  • In Hospitals, educational institutions

  • In laundries for maintaining the fabric quality.

  • Residential societies and apartments for a better quality product.



​​​​​​1.When do the Water Softener resins in the softener tank need to be changed?

Ans. The usual pretreatment and maintenance, the ordinary water softener will not require its resins substituted in its lifetime (20 + years). 

Note: Fit pretreatment can be as easy as a sediment filter or as complex as a chemical needle system connected with a multimedia bed, this is arranged by having your water tested.

2 What is the Base Exchange?

Ans Softening by ion exchange resin is also identified as Base Exchange softening.

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