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S.B.R Semi-Automatic STP 1 KLD
Waste Water

S.B.R Semi-Automatic STP 1 KLD


Specifications :-

  • Holding capacity of 1kld (kilo liter per day).

  • SBR, Semi-Automatic easy to use and maintain.

  • Industrial STP Plant.

₹ 100,000
*Exclusive of All Taxes
₹ 118,000
*Inclusive of All Taxes
10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


We are offering you a wide range of premium and long-lasting quality products. Our company deals in different water treatment systems to resolve all problems related to water and wastewater.

Sequential batch reactor (SBR) is nothing but a group operation in sequence. SBR STP 1 KLD is a fill-and-draw actuated residue system for wastewater treatment. In this system, wastewater is joined to a separate "batch" reactor, operated to eliminate unwanted elements, and then released.

The unit processes of the SBR Sewage Treatment plant and conventional activated sludge systems are identical. The SBR is no wider than an activated sludge method which treats in time rather than in area. The difference among the technologies is that the SBR presents the biological treatment, and other clarification in a singular tank practicing a timed restraint succession. In a traditional activated residue system, these system methods would be performed by using several tanks.

This product is very suitable for removing sludge. It is today's requirement to have a sealed and Modular Sewage Treatment Plant, placed at the point of Sewage Generation which can detect the cost of Sewage moment to a processing facility, pumping and will thus collect/ Reduce the Energy, revenue & Capital expense. Decrease the Turnaround time for deployment from a few days to months & years. Quick and simple deployability, monitoring, and maintenance. Effluent can be recycled & re-used for different end-user applications. Sludge Generated can be used as compost. 

Why Pear Water Technologies?

  • Pearl Water Technologies is an ISO certified brand that provides you an authentic quality product.

  • We are one of the leading brands who provide the best quality product with international Standard Accessories 

  • We provide you with high durability along with low maintenance.

  • Long-lasting quality is provided to you by us at a very nominal price.

    • Holding capacity of 1kld (kilo liter per day).

    • SBR, Semi-Automatic easy to use and maintain.

    • Industrial STP Plant.

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  • Low Power Consumption

  • No or Minimum civil construction

  • Quick Turnaround Time

  • Perfect for Reuse applications like Gardening, Washing ( Vehicles, Foot Paths, etc), Irrigation, Flushing, etc

  • Nitrate and Phosphorus departure along with Highest BNR Removal

  • Low O&M Cost as there are fewer number of Working Equipment

  • No extra Settling Vessel or any other clarifier is required.

  • Low Capex and Opex

  • Expandable and Can be Retrofitted in Existing Construction


  • Housing Societies /Apartments

  • Educational Institutions

  • Commercial Buildings like Offices, Multiplexes, Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, etc

  • Small villages

  • Community Parks

  • PlayGrounds & Golf Course

  • Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Depots

  • Army Cantonment



1 Is the reuse and recycles of water treatment plants important?

Ans. Reuse and recycle is there to assure compliance with treatment measures. When partly managed wastewater is reused, residents would get to understand about it from the stink and watercolor and for their own sake will be vigilant and ensure their water is properly managed for reuse. Decreasing water resources have urged communities to reuse and recycle treated water, there could be up to 50% saving in freshwater extraction by wastewater reuse and recycling.

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