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M.B.R Semi-Automatic STP 10kld
Waste Water

M.B.R Semi-Automatic STP 10kld


Specifications :-

  • It has a holding capacity of 10kld.

  • MBR (Membrane bioreactor) the best way to define wastewater treatment. 

  • It is a semi-automatic product that reduces the burden of manpower.

  • It is an industrial STP (Sewage Treatment Plant).


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We are one of the efficient and leading manufacturers in the field of water and wastewater treatment systems. We provide you premium quality products with longer durability and high efficiency.

M.B.R. Sewage Treatment Plant is an innovative wastewater operation method. As the name implies, it blends two technologies, membrane filtration and biological treatment. Our product features an online backwash system to expedite continuous operation without any breaks. It can deliver a huge caliber of treated water.

It is planned to decrease associated costs and chemical utilization.

It is an eco-friendly product.

We are known for this product because of its compact design, eco-friendly nature, easy to use, and easy to install feature, and longer maintenance life structure. It gives you an excellent holding capacity of 10kld.

Why Pearl Water Technology?

  • We provide you with long durability and high-performance products that give you an efficient result.

  • Our all products are manufactured with International Standard Accessories that give you an output with 0 defects.

  • All products are ISO certified that gives the security of premium quality of the product.

  • We manufacture a premium quality product that enhances the life span of the product and gives your product a long-lasting life.

  • Flow Per Day - 10
  • Technology - mbr
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  • IN commercial buildings for proper treatment of waste sludge.

  • IN industries to treat the impure water which has disposed of industries.

  • In residential societies to treat human or other liquid waste.

  • In schools, colleges, and hospitals we can also install this for the proper disposal system.


  • Display high waste removal efficiency which gives you the best result

  • It has a Better effluent quality and helps in providing you a clean environment.

  • Occupy less space which means a small footprint and easy to install the system.

  • It produces less volume of sludge.



1 How sewage treatment works?

Ans Sewage remedy is the method of extracting impurities from wastewater, originally from household sewage. It involves physical, chemical, and biological processes to eliminate these contaminants and deliver environmentally safe treated wastewater.

2 Is this an eco-friendly product?

Ans Yes, this is an eco-friendly product. without any environmental harm, we proceed in this process.

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