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250 LPH RO Plant Fully Automatic
Fresh Water

250 LPH RO Plant Fully Automatic


Specifications :-

Operating Mode: Fully Automatic

Eliminates harmful impurities like Ca, Mg and salts 

Low water rejection rate 

70% Water recovery rate which is quite high

Material of construction is stainless steel

Recommended Uses Up to 3000 TDS Water Quality

Plug and play system means easy to operate

Work on heavy duty system can operate Up to 10 hour without any break

Easy to repair no general maintenance is required


*Inclusive of All Taxes
Free Delivery
10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


Pearl Water manufactures 250 LPH RO Plant water purifier system which generally removes 99% harmful chemicals and bacteria from water and makes water germ-free and safe for drinking purposes.  

Our all RO Plant component made up of excellent grade material. We use an international standard accessories component which leads to high quality products and more durable Products. 

Fully automatic 250 LPH Ro plant with 70% water recovery rate means flow rate is 250 LPH, and it recovers 70% water as purified water and it works on Inlet TDS up to 3000 ppm which is quite high. 

Plant is fully automatic means less man force is required to operate the plant. Products come with a 1 year warranty of RO plant and 5 Year Warranty of Skid.

Why is Pearl Water better than our competitors?

  • Industrial RO plants are ISO certified. 

  • We Use International Standards for manufacturing and setting up our RO systems.

  • Our products have longer durability.

  • Our products are tested for plug & play installation.

  • Our industrial RO plants are easy to operate & install as they are factory manufactured.

  • Flow Per Hour - 250
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250 LPH industrial RO used in college, restaurants, hotels, Buildings, complex to provide the pure safe drinking water.


  • Noise-free operations 

  • Non-interrupted performance

  • General maintenance not required 

  • Solid construction so products are durable


  • Water treatment system is cost effective

  • Uses the principle of reverse osmosis

  • It is Suitable for all types industrial usage

  • It properly Cleans the water contaminants which is harmful for health

  • Removes all kind of dissolved water impurities



1. What is the warranty of skid and industrial RO plants?

1 year warranty of industrial RO plant and 5 year warranty of skid.

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