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In the Market, various types of pumps are used for the extraction and delivery of fluids among industries. Among them, the Edose dosing pump offered by pearl water technologies is the one ruling the metering pumps market. Now let’s move forward to gain more insights into the Dosing pump.

What is a Dosing Pump?

I am sure, we all might be aware of the term “water pump” whose function is to draw water from the ground level and deposit it into the tanker. Similarly, Dosing pumps are basically high-pressure pumps or positive displacement pumps designed to inject a chemical or another substance into a flow of water, gas, or steam.

Dosing pump offered by us –


Edose Dosing pump IMP 64 – This is a single-phase water pump that uses a minimal consumption of power up to 30W for working and most importantly it has a user-friendly knob to adjust the frequency. Working of a Dosing pump –

In the first process, the dosing pump draws a certain volume of a chemical into the chamber and then deposits it into a tank that contains water or fluid needed to be dosed. An electric motor attached to this pump is again fitted with a control system that acts as a sensor to manage the rate of flow automatically.

Advantages of Dosing Pump -


Applications OF Dosing Pump –

Dosing pumps are widely used across many industries. They are:-


Pearl water technologies being one of the renowned water treatment industry always takes the initiative to provide highly reliable and durable metering dosing pump according to the requirements of its customers which helps them to combat their day-to-day problems.

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