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Water Pump

A Water Pump is an electrical device that is used to lift or maintain the flow of water. Most of the water pumps are used to lift groundwater to water tanks in houses, apartments, gardens, buildings etc. A Good water pump is responsible for maintaining frequent water supply by maintaining the pressure and flow from one place to another, even if it is groundwater or government-powered water supply. The working hours of this machine, as per an ideal household, can range from 1-5 hours on a daily basis. The categorization of these water pumps depends upon the flow rate and the height of the head of the pump. Domestically depending on the boring ground level, the ideal water pump is chosen to maintain a good water flow and optimal water pressure. A good water pump such as the Kirloskar water pump is value for money. Best for home use with Kirloskar 0.5 HP and Kirloskar 1 HP water pump.

Pearl Water Technologies offers heavy-duty, premium quality and thermal overload protection. 

Kirloskar Water Pumps for all types of domestic as well as industrial purposes.

Some of the key Uses of Kirloskar Water pumps are –

1.    Draining or filling up a swimming pool, pond, tub, etc.

2.    In construction areas of some houses or properties.

3.    Watering the plants in the lawn or garden, sprinkling etc.

4.    In agricultural irrigation.

5.    In agricultural spraying of pesticides and fertilizers in the fields.

6.    Fetching water to your water tank from the ground is boring.

7.    Maintaining the flow of the water and the pressure in the building.

8.    And many more.


Why Choose Kirloaskar Water Pumps- 

1. High Sucking Lift – This can lift to 7.5 meters with a high head, allowing you to pump water with high volume for different purposes.

2. High-Quality Aluminium Motor Body- The aluminum car body of the special range offers higher resistance to corrosion, better heat dissipation and reduced overall weight so you can feel comfortable.

3. Thermal Overload protector- Protects the engine from overloading & the Circuit from current error.

4. Handling to improve grip & Mobility- The handle attached makes it easy to carry anywhere.

5. Simple and sustainable design- Simple body design and Monoblock feature that the pump can be serviced even remotely by less skilled technicians.

6. Shielded Ball Bearing & Noise reduction- No external lubrication is required for the balls installed in the pump, which extends the life cycle and ensures a low noise level.

7. High efficiency and energy-saving design- The new design of the water pump ensures high efficiency to low energy consumption, which leads to significant cost savings.

8. Moderate rotating parts- Protects part from damage during operation, as Minor vibration is consistent in operation.



What is a Dosing Pump?

I am sure we all might be aware of the term “water pump,” whose function is to draw water from the ground level and deposit it into the tanker. Similarly, Dosing pumps are basically high-pressure pumps or positive displacement pumps designed to inject a chemical or another substance into a flow of water, gas, or steam.

Dosing pump offered by us –

Edose Dosing pump IMP 64 – This is a single-phase water pump that uses a minimal consumption of power up to 30W for working, and most importantly, it has a user-friendly knob to adjust the frequency. Working on a Dosing pump –

In the first process, the dosing pump draws a certain volume of a chemical into the chamber and then deposits it into a tank that contains water or fluid needed to be dosed. An electric motor attached to this pump is again fitted with a control system that acts as a sensor to manage the rate of flow automatically.


Advantages of Dosing Pump -

•    Authentic metering

•    Low maintenance cost

•    Impervious tight

•    It can work in extremely high temperatures

•    Flexible and cost-effective 


Dosing pumps are widely used across many industries, such as:-

•    Water treatment Industry

•    Agriculture industry

•    Oil and Gas Industry

•    Food processing Industry

•    Mining Industry

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