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Oil Grease Trap – 8 KG / 80 LPM
Waste Water

Oil Grease Trap – 8 KG / 80 LPM


Specifications :-


  • Pearl Water offers the best Grease Trap Technology, scientifically placed baffles and easy to drain vents.

  • Complete Stainless Steel structure for corrosion free operations.

  • Ideal for restaurant kitchens for oil & grease separation.

  • Designed as under the sink model for mid size kitchen applications.

  • SS strainers for filtering bigger solid crums of kitchen waste.

  • Complete system for fit and use in the kitchen.


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Oil Grease Trap is an equipment designed to stop most types of greases and solids generally coming out of kitchen waste water to remove them before the waste water enters in effluents disposal lines of municipal drainage system. 

Typically wastewater from kitchen contains smaller quantities of oils or sometimes high-viscosity fats and cooking grease for example lard which solidify when cooled, these get combined with other disposed solids to block kitchen or even municipals drains.

Technical Specifications of oil and grease trap 80 LPM  :-

Model - Oil and Grease Trap

Brand - Pearl 

Flow - 80 LPM

Grease Separation Capacity - 8 Kg

Installation Service - Yes

Color - Silver

Material - Stainless Steel

Shipping Weight - 17.00 Kg(s)

Max Operating Temperature - 104˚C 

Product Dimension  (LxWxH) - 105*45* 38 Centimeter (cm)

  • Flow Per Hour - 80
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OGT(Oil and Grease Trap) reduces the amount of oil ,greases  and some other fats that would enter drains otherwise. These are placed in between kitchen sinks and the lines connecting the municipal drains or even Effluent Treatment Plants treating kitchen waste. They can and should only be used to treat kitchen waste water and not for any other waste like toilet waste etc. They are generally located within the kitchen below sinks but can also be located underground or outside the premises.

Application areas OGT Plant:-

OGT is an ideal device for 

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels 

  • Cinema Halls  

  • Banquets 

  • Office canteen and even schools & large institutions 

  • Foodservicing  kitchens produce oil and waste grease which then gets deposited in the drain lines of various sinks and dishwashers. When not removed in time this grease can clump and due to this drain pipes can get blocked, also these days city pollution boards have disallowed flow of untreated effluent in municipal drain lines.



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