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160 LPM Oil Grease Trap – 15  KG
Waste Water

160 LPM Oil Grease Trap – 15 KG


Specifications :-

  • Pearl Water offers the best Grease Trap Technology, scientifically placed baffles and easy to drain vents.

  • Seamless fabricated tank, manufactured using high quality stainless steel material to ensure no leakage. 

  • Easy to Install & clean due to its light weight.

  • Works well in applications requiring high temperature continuous service, can handle discharge upto 104 deg C.

  • Smooth open able latch system allowing easy maintenance and servicing.

  • SS strainers for filtering bigger solid crums of kitchen waste.


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Oil Grease trap 160 LPM is a useful device which when installed and operated properly can save lots of inconvenience and heavy maintenance budgets for the food & restaurant industry. Vegetable oils or animal fats are generally referred to   grease  when it is washed away after kitchen operations are completed. The purpose of OGT is to act in tandem with other plumbing equipment and trap grease before it enters the property drainage system or  main sewer lines.

Oil and grease trap come in many different forms like vegetable oils ,  fats from animal meat that are processed or cooked in the kitchens . A grease trap is  not only  designed to trap grease  but also other solid food items. The reason why a grease trap is installed in the upstream line of kitchen sinks is to collect food waste and oils that would otherwise flow to the kitchen drains and ultimately blocking these lines. These will result in drain back-ups and the release of foul smell and pest infestation in the kitchen and restaurant area.

Technical Specifications of 160 LPM Oil Grease Trap:-

Model - Oil and Grease Trap

Brand - Pearl 

Flow - 160 LPM

Grease Separation Capacity - 15 Kg

Installation Service - Yes

Color - Silver

Material - Stainless Steel

Shipping Weight - 19.00 Kg(s)

Max Operating Temperature - 104˚C 

Product Dimension  (LxWxH) - 106*50*41 Centimeter (cm)
Application - Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Hotels , Hospitals , Canteens , Cinema Halls

  • Flow Per Hour - 160
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Application areas of 160 LPM Oil and Grease Trap:-

Modern Building Regulations require that all restaurant , hotels and newly built hot food premises have effective equipment for removal of grease  on site.  OGT are practical solutions and ideally should be installed by the management of every commercial establishment dealing in hot food preparation activities like Schools & universities  , Restaurants ,Bars & Pubs , Motels , Coffee shops , Banquets & Conference Centres ,  Bakeries etc.

These can be easily installed in the waste disposal line after the kitchen sinks and can be located above the ground or below  the ground, inside the kitchen or outside of the premises.



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