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100 LPM Oil Grease Trap – 10.5 KG
Waste Water

100 LPM Oil Grease Trap – 10.5 KG


Specifications :-

  • Pearl Water offers the best Grease Trap Technology, scientifically placed baffles and easy to drain vents.

  • Leak-proof Joints, seamless constructed tank, manufactured using high quality stainless steel material. 

  • Easy to handle and install due to its lightweight.

  • Works well in applications requiring high temperature continuous service, can handle discharge upto 104 deg C.

  • Easy open able latch system allowing easy maintenance and cleaning.


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Most of the kitchens needs an efficient system to separate oil & grease generated in the food preparation activities and the OGT plant comes in handy at this stage, the aim of grease traps is to separate oil & grease from the wastewater generated in the kitchen and to prevent these harmful waste from entering the  drain lines or municipal sewage system.If not separated at the place of origin than this grease will ultimately block the drain lines or make sewers to flow back. 

Technical Specifications of 100 LPM OGT Plant:-

Model - Oil and Grease Trap

Brand - Pearl 

Flow - 100 LPM

Grease Separation Capacity - 10.5 Kg

Installation Service - Yes

Color - Silver

Material - Stainless Steel

Shipping Weight - 17.50 Kg(s)

Max Operating Temperature - 104˚C 

Product Dimension  (LxWxH) - 107*44*38 Centimeter (cm)

Application - Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Hotels , Hospitals , Canteens, Cinema Halls

  • Flow Per Hour - 100
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For us to understand why  this product is needed it's important for us to know what grease is. Generally people know that grease is like a semi solid , little sticky or oily  substance which can be useful in applications where friction needs to  be reduced but in the kitchen operations and when mixed with hot water this oily substance hardens up over time and will eventually block the drains of the kitchens if not separated in time. Therefore to separate grease from the kitchen waste water  a OGT is required , it works on the basic principle that grease is 10 to 15 % less dense than water and also doesn’t mix with water. Due to this grease (FOG - fats, oils grease) floats on the top of water and when kitchen wastewater flows through an Oil Grease Trap  the grease rises to the surface and is trapped  & separated from the water   using an OGT.

Application areas of Oil and Grease Trap Plant:-

For every organization working in the preparation of food or kitchen operations it’s a must to have an OGT installed in the drain line within or outside the premises before the wastewater containing FOG ( Fats , Oils & grease ) is discharged in the  public sewage system. The good part of OGT installation is that it starts working from the very first movement and starts trapping the oils & grease as soon as it comes out with kitchen waste.

Bigger organizations , large factories , corporate institutions have a legal obligation to have a grease trap as mandated by the PCB. 



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