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Top Side mount Filter Multiport Valve 20 NB

Top Side mount Filter Multiport Valve 20 NB


Specifications :-

  • Made up of ABS Plastic.

  • It's Robust & able to manage physical impacts easily, also it is very strong against corrosive chemicals. 

  • Wide range, designed for various filtration/softening applications.

  • Performs multiple functions like filtration, backwash, rinse, brine suction and brine rinse with simple turn of the handle.

  • Customers have many options to choose as per the flow they need to manage.

  • Easy to operate due to its functional design.



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20 NB Top Side mount Filter Multiport Valve helps in doing various functions from filtration to backwash , rinse to brine suction and rinse in water softening applications and other water filtration processes.

Technical Specfication:

Material of Construction ABS

Maximum Flow Rate 2000 LPH at 0.5 Kg/cm2 pressure drop

Valve Connection to Vessel 2 1/2” NPT (M)

Riser Pipe Size 25mm OD PVC pipe

Inlet, Outlet, Drain Connections 3/4” BSP (F)

Regenerant Suction Tubing 1/4″

Ejector Type In-built

Injector Ratio 1:2 Power water: Suction flow

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This product helps by reducing the requirement of many valves to do various water treatment processes leading to immense saving for customers.

As it's made of ABS plastic therefore it's sturdy and able to manage external impacts well, also it shows effective resistance to harsh corrosive chemicals.

Application areas

Multiport Valves are fit over FRP Vessels for various water treatment application like :

Water Softening 

Sand Filters 

Multigrade Filters 

Activated Carbon Filter



1. How many years of warranty of 20 NB top side mount filter Multiport Valve.?

20 NB Top side mount filter has 1 Year Warranty.

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