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8040 RO Membrane - Toray

8040 RO Membrane - Toray


Specifications :-


  • All elements of TM720-400  are wet tested, treated with a 1% by weight percent sodium bisulfite storage solution,and then vacuum packed in oxygen barrier bags, or treated with tested feed water solution, and then vacuum packed in oxygen barrier bags with deoxidant inside. To prevent biological growth during short term storage, shipment, or system shutdown, it is recommended that Toray elements be immersed in a protective solution containing 500 - 1,000 ppm of sodium bisulfate (food grade) dissolved in permeate.

  • Permeate from the first hour of operation shall be discarded 

  • The customer shall be fully responsible for the effects of chemicals that are incompatible with the elements. Their use will void the element of Limited Warranty.

  • Product Warranty 1 Year against Manufacturing Defects Only


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Toray 8040 Membrane  is a Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane used in water purification process, these are semi permeable membranes which separate ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from processed water. Permeate water is forced through these membranes with the use of pressure built in with the help of a pumping system.

8040 Membrane Technical Specifications:- 

FOR TM720-400

Type - Cross Linked Fully Aromatic Polyamide Composite

Model - TM720-400

Diameter  Inch - 8”

Membrane Area  ft2(m2) - 400(37)

Salt Rejection % - 99.7

Product Flow Rate gpd(m3 / d) - 10,200(38.6)

Feed Spacer Thickness  mil - 31

Membrane Type - Cross Linked Fully Aromatic Polyamide Composite

Test Conditions

Feed Water Pressure - 225 psi(1.55MPa)

Feed Water Temperature - 77°F(25℃)

Feed Water Concentration - 2,000 mg/l Nacl

Recovery Rate - 15%

Feed Water pH - 7

Minimum Salt Rejection - 99.0%

Operating Limits

Maximum Operating Pressure - 600psi (4.1 MPa)

Maximum Feed Water Temperature  - 113˚F (45 ˚C)

Maximum Feed Water - SDI15 5

Feed Water Chlorine Concentration - Not Detectable

Feed Water pH Range, Continuous Operation - 2-11

Feed Water pH Range, Chemical Cleaning - 1-12

Maximum Pressure Drop per Element - 20psi (0.14 MPa)

Maximum Pressure Drop per Vessel - 60psi (0.4 MPa)


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This Industrial 8040 RO Membrane is designed for large flows and high quality permeate water, being a critical component in the Industrial RO systems these are designed for long life and efficiency and manufactured from spiral wound sheets of semi-permeable material cross-linked polyamide composite membranes are manufactured as per ISO-9001 certification system. 8” membranes can be easily used in multiple membrane systems for treating municipal & industrial water, process water, as well as commercial applications. 

Application areas

TM720-400  membranes are ideal for flow capacity of 1000 LPH RO Plant , these are also used in other water applications like Municipal Water Treatment  , DM Plants  etc . Due to its high efficiency and economical pricing  Torray 8040 membranes are used in the Industries like

  • Pharma
  • Ink & dyes
  • Hospitality 
  • Food Industry as well
  • Water treatment plants



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