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4021 Membrane , HM

4021 Membrane , HM


Specifications :-

  • Fast, effective soil removal

  • Save time, energy, and labor costs.

  • Eliminate multiple step cleaning cycles.

  • Membrane size-4" dia -40" length

  • Flow rate 250 ltr/hr that allows smooth flow

  • Used in Reverse Osmosis RO water purification.


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Our company provides you best water treatment system to our clients. We provide Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants which are very useful in removing physical, chemical as well as biological impurities from water. Our product Membrane, HM filters act as a barrier to separate impurities from water, or they take out the infectious particles from the water.  Pearl's all products are simple to operate, the water treatment plants and related  products are energy efficient and require negligible maintenance. 

Membrane,Hm filtration crosses four levels  and these levels are  microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis. Each level has a pore size range associated with it and is used to remove certain sized contaminants and gives you clean and contaminated free water.We use international standard accessories to make a product. Because that allows users to achieve the same outcome time and time again.

Our product is more durable and did not require maintenance and repairs for a long period. Users feel free after installing our product.We are providing you a long-lasting quality product  because we believe in satisfying our clients with our quality products and we are doing it and will do it in the future too. We assure high water recovery.

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Because Membrane, HM entrap solid material in the fluid.  A membrane is a papery firm of semi-permeable material which is used for dissolvable separation as trans membrane pressure is put in across the membrane. 

Membrane, HM Advantages

  • Membrane, HM involves filtering the hard water and removing all the contaminants that may be in the water. 

  • This product is very easy and comfortable to use.

  • Water filtration is cost-effective, you did not need to spend much on maintenance.

  • The odor and taste of the water will improve.

How will it benefit you? 

  • It will give you High-end product quality.

  • Removes all the contaminants from water and gives you pure water.

  • Membrane HR is highly durable and needs less maintenance.

  • It is a cost-effective product.

  • lower allover production cost.


Dolly Bhardwaj 2021-01-09 11:10:27
Recently we purchased this membrane and found that the quality of the membrane is very good. We are really happy with this product, and they gave me a free 5% discount by applying a promo code. The tds reduction results are also very good. This ro membrane will give you awesome tasty water with more than 90% tds reduction. The ro membrane is working perfectly fine so far. It is recommended that you need to replace the membrane after every two years, but I think it can last more than that.



1. How membrane helps in purification?

Ans- (Membrane, HM filters act as a stoppage to  discrete impurities from water, or they take out the infectious particles from the water. A membrane,HM uses Reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration  in their different filtration processes).

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