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Pearl Water Iron Filter Removal

Iron Removal Filter removes excess amounts of iron content which is present in the water. Water containing ferrous iron looks as clear and colorless  as it is because iron gets totally dissolved in it. A very high amount of iron in the water is very much harmful to the body which can lead to very many diseases such as stomach problems, diabetes, nausea and can also damage the organs such as heart, liver and Pancreas. The  iron content in the water also damages   the bathroom equipment such as taps, shower heads to get a layer of reddish brown in color and can corrode through them. If left untreated it releases a very unpleasant, rusty smell due to the addition of iron chunks. the iron presence in the water can not be tested normally at home but the symptoms cannot be neglected as they can cause harm to a lot of things. The iron content in the water also cannot be treated by boiling the water as it does not evaporate.

Pearl Water Iron Removal Filter is made specifically to remove the iron from the water easily and it does not require electricity to work on just plug and play. Equipped with an automatic system this Water Filter can easily remove large amounts of ferrous and non ferrous iron from the water, thus providing you with the safe, clean and pure form of water. Protect your fittings with this Filter. The prices of the Iron Filter are also very reliable and come with a 1 year warranty. this sturdy Filter is made up of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic ) which is highly durable and has a very huge life. A very low to no maintenance is required in this product.

Pearl Water has been Manufacturing all sorts of water treatment products for more than 15 years and delivers a variety of products to choose accordingly as per your need. Easy regeneration process by which you can renew the process. All you need to do is move the multiport valve and set it to the backwash position to reverse the flow of water to flush out contaminants. Comes in a huge range as per your need if your hourly consumption of the water is 100 liters then get an Iron filter of 100 LPH, Similarly if your need is of 500 liters per hour then also we have the product. If you seem to be a little bit confused as to which rang of Iron FIlter to choose then get your query resolved as per your requirement of the product just contact us and we are there for you 24/7.

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