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Fully-Automatic 250 LPH RO Plant  & inlet tds 3000 ppm
Fresh Water

Fully-Automatic 250 LPH RO Plant & inlet tds 3000 ppm


Specifications :-


  • Purification Technology : RO (Reverse osmosis)

  • Purification Stage : 5-6

  • Ease of operation: Fully Automatic with auto-flush function

  • 1 Year Warranty of product for any defect feels free to call us.

  • Fully Stainless Steel Body so product is durable 

  • General maintenance not required

  • Heavy duty system operated up to 10 Hour without any failure

  • Inlet TDS Up to 3000PPM

  • Low water rejection rate

  • Ease of operation: Fully Automatic


*Inclusive of All Taxes
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10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


Since our rise, we have been focusing on always offering the best quality water and wastewater treatments plants such as RO Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Water Softener,ETP, STP, Accessories etc.

Our all products are technically sound and have been optimum quality. All components used in industrial RO plants are international standard products. Fully Automatic 250 LPH RO plant purifies 250 liter water per hour with maximum water recovery rate.

Our all products are made under the guidance of expert professionals. Our Industrial RO plant purifies high quality water which is free from germs. 

You can avail best quality industrial RO from ”Pearl water” at best price in Industry..

Industrial RO removes all kinds of inorganic and organic contaminants from the water and makes water fit for drinking purposes.

Why is Pearl Water better than our competitors?

  • We are not compromising with quality and we deliver ISO Certified Products.

  • Always use updated technology and International Standards accessories for manufacturing the products.

  • Products are more durable.

  • Water Rejection Rate is very Low.

  • Our products are  easy to operate and  install

  • Ease Of Operation - fully Automatic
  • Water Recovery Rate - 30
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 3000
  • Flow Per Hour - 250
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As we all know, raw water is not suitable for drinking purposes because it contains harmful bacteria, virus, dissolved impurities and other contaminants. So we need industrial RO plants which purify water and make water fit for drinking purposes. 

Benefits of 250 LPH RO Plant:

  • It removes toxic salts, metals & chemicals from water

  • Making water safe for drinking purpose

  • Easy to operate and install and cost-efficient

  • Rejects harmful bacteria, proteins & other particles

Features of 250 LPH RO Plant:

  • Product is Robust in design

  • Highly efficient and environment friendly product

  • Long lasting performance

  • Less electricity consumption




1. What is the RO Capacity (Litre/Hour)?

250 LPH

2. How many filtration passes?

It's around 5 to 6 fitartion passes in industrial ro plant.

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