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500 LPH RO Plant with 60% Water Recovery Rate
Fresh Water

500 LPH RO Plant with 60% Water Recovery Rate


Specifications :-

  • It has a high duty system that can operate for up to 10 hours without any break.

  • Less manual work is required because of the semi Automation feature.

  • General Maintenance, not required because of the long service life.

  • Easy to operate (Plug and Play system) hassle-free work.

  • The water recovery rate is 60%.

  • Inlet TDS - Up to 1500 ppm.

  • MOC (Material of Construction) - Stainless steel.


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We suggest a high-quality RO Water Purification Plant to our clients at a very affordable market price. These products are used to produce protected drinking water for Housing Societies, Hostels Restaurants, And Hospitals. These products are also used to produce safe, clean, and purified water that is used in Artificial Kidney Dialysis Machines in Hospitals. These outcomes are highly prescribed between our clients as they efficiently eliminate up to 95% of total dissolved solids or salinity to allow safe, pure, and clean water.

Holding entire knowledge of the water industry we are granting you the best water-related resolutions. With the push of technology and human capital, we are set to present complete solutions to our purchasers related to our industry.

Pearl's Water is the best option for our customers for proffering 500 LPH RO Plant. These RO plants are acclaimed for their operational work and the extraordinary capacity of 500 liters per hour.

This 500 LPH RO Plant is very movable and has outstanding holding capacity. Our plant is fully automatic so manual work is negligible.

Why Pearl Water Technologies?

  • We provide you an international standardized product that gives a premium plus long-lasting quality

  • Pearls Water all products are very durable and have an error-free structure.

  • We are ISO certified, offering you the excellent quality of a product.

  • Our all products are having international standard accessories which makes an outstanding end product.

  • The recovery rate of water is up to 60%.

  • Ease Of Operation - Semi Automatic
  • Water Recovery Rate - 60
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 1500
  • Flow Per Hour - 500
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Uses of this product :

  • For industrial and business purposes like corporate offices, manufacturing plants.

  • In offices, schools, colleges, and other educational institutions

  • In the textile industry for making dyes for better printing.

  • In the leather industry for making their product polish.

  • In malls, commercial buildings, corporate world in the Food industry like restaurants, hotels, etc.

Benefits of this product :

  • You will get pure and distilled water which gives you a healthy life.

  • 500lph semi-automatic ro is a cost-saving product because it consumes less energy.

  • Easy to install and easy to use.

  • It has a long service life so the maintenance value is very low.

  • Semi-automatic less manual work required.



1 Is higher TDS better?

Ans. Raised levels of TDS, while not significantly worse for you, can give water a bitter, salty, or saline taste. Calcium and magnesium, two minerals commonly found in TDS, can induce water hardness, scale development, and staining. Drinking water with modest amounts of TDS may be the best water of all.

2 How long can we operate it?

Ans It has a high duty system that can operate for up to 10 hours without any break.

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