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500 LPH RO Plant Fully-Automatic & inlet TDS 3000 ppm
Fresh Water

500 LPH RO Plant Fully-Automatic & inlet TDS 3000 ppm


Specifications :-

  • Automation Grade Fully Automatic.

  • Capacity is 500 LPH

  • Required maintenance & operation cost.

  • Provide excellent Water Recovery Rate.

  • Less power consumption required.

  • Flows range 500 LPH.

  • Easy to operate based on plug and play systems.

  • The 500 LPH plant is Sturdy in design.

  • Material of construction is Stainless Steel.

  • Longer life due to high durability.

  • Wok on Inlet TDS up to 3000 PPM.

  • The Heavy duty System can operate up to an hour without any break.

  • General maintenance is not required.

  • 1 Year Product Warranty.


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1 Year Warranty


Pearl Water is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of water treatment and waste water plants across Delhi/NCR. We believe in the value of quality over quantity and as well as customer satisfaction that’s why we offer quality products to all our clients.

At Pearl water we manufactured high quality RO plants under the supervision of experts.Fully automatic 500 LPH RO plants purify 500 Liters water per hour for drinking purpose. It caters the need up to 1000 people at once or even more.

All products are ISO 9001:2015 certified, robust in design, long lasting and excellent water recovery rate. We use international standard accessories to manufacture products. 

  • Ease Of Operation - fully Automatic
  • Water Recovery Rate - 30
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 3000
  • Flow Per Hour - 500
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500 LPH Industrial RO plant offers 500 Liter pure safe drinking water per hour. So it used to be small. Medium and large industry according to their requirement.

Main areas where 500 LPH RO plant used:

  • In Schools
  • In restaurants & hotels
  • Hospital 
  • Private and public place (eg bank & Railway)
  • Pharmaceutical Industries etc

Main feature of Automatic 500 LPH Industrial RO Plant:

  • Require less space

  • Provides 100% germ-free water safe for drinking purpose.

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to maintain

  • Environment friendly 

  • Consume less power



1. How many years is the warranty of the RO plant?

1 year

2. What kinds of impurities are removed by industrial RO plants?

It removes all kinds of organic and inorganic dissolved impurities, bacteria, virus , heavy metals and other harmful chemicals from the water.

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