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200 LPH RO Plant and  Inlet TDS 1500 ppm
Fresh Water

200 LPH RO Plant and Inlet TDS 1500 ppm


Specifications :-

  • 200 lph semi-automatic RO can handle the Heavy Duty System and operates up to 10 hours without any break.

  • It is Semi-Automatic which reduces your half burden of manpower. 

  • It did not require any general maintenance that reduces your cost of regular maintenance.

  • No technical knowledge is required. Easy to operate

  • The water recovery rate is 30% which is quite high in this range of products.

  • Inlet TDS - Up to 1500 ppm

  • MOC (Material of Construction) - Stainless steel


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Our Company Pearl Water is one of the leading companies in water and wastewater treatment. We are offering you the best quality product to make your life healthy and fit. 

We manufacture those products which complete the needs of a particular industry or business. 200 LPH semiautomatic RO fulfills the need of 300-400 people. It purifies 200 liters per hour and gives you excellent quality.

We deal in various water-related products and we are known for our uncompromisable quality. Our products have a long service life and user-friendly nature.

This product has a super water holding capacity of 200 lph. Less spacious and we give you the service of struggle-free installation. It is easy to use and gives you pure and distilled water.

Why do you prefer Pearl Water?

  1. Product manufacture by us is highly durable and gives you the benefit of a long life span.

  2. We use International standard accessories for a premium quality output.

  3. We are ISO certified that can show our hard work or uncompromised quality.

  4. Our all products are of premium quality that requires very low maintenance.

  5. Our water recovery rate is up to 30% that is very high in this semiautomatic ro product range.

  • Ease Of Operation - Semi Automatic
  • Water Recovery Rate - 30
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - 1500
  • Flow Per Hour - 200
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We provide you this product with so many features that you will not stop yourself to buy this product for your small, medium and large commercial settings. Look at this feature given below:

  • This 200 lph semiautomatic ro required very low maintenance which reduces your expense as well as time.

  • it is a cost-saving product too because it consumes less energy.

  • This is equipped with a semi-automatic control panel so it reduces the workload of manpower.

  • Highly durable product with premium quality.

  • Easy to install and very easy to operate with no much technical knowledge required.

Uses of 200 lph semiautomatic RO :

In small, medium, and large all commercial settings like

  • Schools, colleges, and other institutions.

  • Restaurants and hotels.

  • industrial purposes (manufacturing companies, textile industry)

  • Malls, offices.



1.How much Ph level is maintained by this 200 lph semiautomatic RO ?

Ans. It maintained a ph level between 6.5-7.5.

2. At which temperature it works perfectly?

Ans. Between 25 and 35 degrees.

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